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The incandescent lamp segment has been sub-divided into halogen and others, whereas the gas discharge lamp segment has been sub-classified into arc lamp, CFL, LFL, and others.
With UV LED, Phoseon said it is enabling converters to enjoy the benefits of UV curing without the typical costs and hazards of operating an arc lamp to produce the UV light.
Smithers Pira tests for print fade and lightfastness of paper, print and pigmented plastics using a James Heal Apollo weather fastness tester fitted with a xenon arc lamp source and irradiance measurement.
The benefits of LED-based solar simulators for PV testing, as compared to traditional xenon or metal-halide arc lamp based sources, are numerous: LEDs are more energy efficient, smaller in size and operate longer with consistent emission.
Lighting is an important element with which to make a statement - and an arc lamp is a great nod to the modernist designers of the '20s.
Where Gabor had used an arc lamp to produce coherent light to make his inline holograms with exposure of many hours, Leith and Upatnieks harnessed the coherence of the laser within four years of its invention to create off-axis (and therefore 3D) holograms with exposures measured in seconds or minutes.
at Intertronics explained that “The Phoseon Firefly[TM] unit is probably the most powerful of its type in the industry and offers both greater controllability and lower power usage than mercury arc lamp systems.
CermaClad technology uses a high-intensity plasma arc lamp to rapidly melt, fuse, and metallurgically bond corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials to metal substrates, including pipes.
Due to its low temperature curing process, the OmniCure LC280 ameliorates problems typically caused for manufacturers by excessive heat from the arc lamp curing systems.
Just as the Clyde Arc bridge decorates Glasgow's waterfront, so too does this smart arc lamp which adds style and glamour to this project.
19 -- Carl Zeiss MicroImaging has incorporated new LED technology in the Colibri illumination system, a light source system for wide field fluorescence microscopy that uses specific wavelength windows with much less need to suppress unwanted peripheral wavelengths from a white light arc lamp.