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n. pl. ar·ca·na (-nə) or ar·ca·nums
1. A deep secret; a mystery.
2. often arcana Specialized knowledge or details unknown to or misunderstood by the average person: "a private-equity investor whose specialty was the arcana of the banking industry" (Andrew Ross Sorkin).
3. A secret essence or remedy; an elixir.

[Latin arcānum, from neuter of arcānus, secret; see arcane.]
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(ɑːˈkeɪnə; -ˈkɑː-)
(Alternative Belief Systems) either of the two divisions (the minor arcana and the major arcana) of a pack of tarot cards
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Mehevi sought to enlighten my ignorance, but he failed as signally as when he had endeavoured to initiate me into the perplexing arcana of the taboo.
Indeed, it is to be feared that some of the more rustic and bashful youths of Devil's Ford, who had felt it incumbent upon them to pay their respects to the new-comers, were more at ease in this vestibule than in the arcana beyond, whose glories they could see through the open door.
The Doctor still read from cover to cover his Lancet and his Medical Journal, attended all professional gatherings, worked himself into an alternate state of exaltation and depression over the results of the election of officers, and reserved for himself a den of his own, in which before rows of little round bottles full of glycerine, Canadian balsam, and staining agents, he still cut sections with a microtome, and peeped through his long, brass, old-fashioned microscope at the arcana of nature.
I know nothing of the arcana of the Roman Catholic religion, and I am not a bigot in matters of theology, but I suspect the root of this precocious impurity, so obvious, so general in Popish countries, is to be found in the discipline, if not the doctrines of the Church of Rome.
Micawber, 'that your peregrinations in this metropolis have not as yet been extensive, and that you might have some difficulty in penetrating the arcana of the Modern Babylon in the direction of the City Road, - in short,' said Mr.
No disclosures damaging to a harassed autocracy, complete fidelity to the secrets of the miserable arcana imperii deposited in his patriotic breast, a display of bureaucratic stoicism in a Russian official's ineradicable, almost sublime contempt for truth; stoicism of silence understood only by the very few of the initiated, and not without a certain cynical grandeur of self-sacrifice on the part of a sybarite.
"The youth is the son of my old friend, and shall not come to any harm from which the arcana of medical science can preserve him.
Artist and Project Runway All-Star Helen Castillo deals with exploring the Major Arcana through beautiful and haunting illustrations.
Abdel Mahdi toured the arcana of the museum to have a look to its contents, which dates back to the various stages of civilization from the history of Mesopotamia.
The new series that enters this season 2 is "Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!!" which is from Examu.
(a)Machina Arcana Ltd having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Apartment 29, Forbes Quay,Apartments, Forbes Street, Dublin 2 D02hp98 & (b)Corby Renewable Industries Ltd never having traded having its registered office & principal place of business at Druminshingore, Newtowngore, Co.
The Fool's Journey is a book of twenty-three etchings of the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck (and including a title page).