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Noun1.arccotangent - the inverse function of the cotangent; the angle that has a cotangent equal to a given number
circular function, trigonometric function - function of an angle expressed as a ratio of the length of the sides of right-angled triangle containing the angle
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These functions are--2 parameter logistic function restricted in the interval [0; 1] described by (3); arccotangent function (4); segments of linear functions (5); segments of 2 parabolas (6).
For example, s = 1 for the arccotangent function (4) and s = 2 for the functions (3), (5), (6).
Item responses drawn from Bernoulli distribution with probabilities [k.sub.2] (p;1) (arccotangent function (4) with parameter a = 1) were generated for j = 1,2, ..., 3000.