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Noun1.arch support - a support for the arch of the footarch support - a support for the arch of the foot  
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
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It''s best to wear a heel pad or arch support all the time and put them in both shoes, even if only one foot is affected.
The three types of insoles provide normal arch support, moderate arch support or high arch support.
Save your flips for the beach and switch to sturdier shoes, like sneaks or sandals with extra cushion and arch support, the rest of the time.
Wearing flip-flops, flats and other type of shoes that don't provide arch support may contribute to people's toe troubles.
To keep toes healthy, wear shoes with a roomy toe box, good arch support, uniform lift, and a wide heel.
A podiatry clinic based in Carryduff will offer patients specialist treatment with a new arch support system which is the first of its kind in Europe.
The company says the 24/7 Plantar Fasciitis Support is the only product that provides complete support to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis by using an adjustable night splint and a daytime arch support.
A patented orthopaedic arch support technology called the Haix AS System provides continuous support whether in tedious standing/walking or high-mobility conditions.
Yet, of any of the four teams involved, the Cubs' postseason run was an arch support in the resurgent Nielsen ratings for baseball in general, and for Fox in particular.
If you don't think your shoes provide adequate shock absorption, the Sorbothane[R] arch support is the best insole for this purpose.
Recognizing the importance of correct anatomical fit, the Steady Step Walker is designed with a universal adjustable arch support.
TM] Multi Lug outsoles, a removable cushion insole with a PVC arch support, a padded collar, and a steel shank for day-long comfort.