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The use of physical, chemical, or mathematical procedures in the study of archaeological artifacts, materials, or data. Archaeometry includes techniques such as radiometric dating, remote sensing, spectroscopy, and mathematical modeling. Also called archaeological science.

ar′chae·o·met′ri·cal (-ə-mĕt′rĭ-kəl), ar′chae·o·met′ric adj.
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and Ontiveros, M.A.C.: 2017, Technological choices in hand-made indigenous pottery from western Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) (C.1200-75 BC): an archaeometric approach.
The international expedition includes representatives of the Italian Center for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as experts from Germany and France on various archaeometric areas.
We conducted a typological study, and use wear studies for the first time, performed with a 20x binocular lens, a 50x binocular lens, an optical 200x microscope, and an archaeometric FTIR--Fourier Transform-Infra Red spectroscopy--study.
This visual identification may eventually be confirmed by archaeometric comparison with Sadirac pastes and glazes (Monette et al., 2010; Guindon, 2013: 101).
Politiche), with the research project titled "Archaeometric and Physico-Chemical Investigation Using a Multi-Technique Approach on Archaeological, Anthropological and Paleontological Materials from the Mediterranean area and Sardinia."
The second project is the MPM Project: Survey, Excavation, GIS, archaeometric analysis and landscape archaeology in the Moni River Valley, directed by Prof.
An archaeometric study will preface proper archaeological excavations and the results will be on MATTER: excavations will be made punctually in the areas where ruins are indicated by technical means, thus achieving optimization in the use of human, time and financial resources.
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This three-day workshop which commenced on Wednesday will cover the topics like Archaeology: methodological theory and practice, Pottery analysis: methodological theory and practice, Documentation for recording and organizing the collected data, Archaeometric investigations on the field and case study of archeological site of Bhanbhore will be visited on Saturday.
The piedmont white marbles used in antiquity: an archaeometric distinction inferred by a minero-petrographic and c-o stable isotope study, Archaeometry.