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The use of physical, chemical, or mathematical procedures in the study of archaeological artifacts, materials, or data. Archaeometry includes techniques such as radiometric dating, remote sensing, spectroscopy, and mathematical modeling. Also called archaeological science.

ar′chae·o·met′ri·cal (-ə-mĕt′rĭ-kəl), ar′chae·o·met′ric adj.


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The second project is the MPM Project: Survey, Excavation, GIS, archaeometric analysis and landscape archaeology in the Moni River Valley, directed by Prof.
First results of archaeometric research of prehistoric burials from Sakhtysh IIa, Upper Volga region, Russia.
An archaeometric study will preface proper archaeological excavations and the results will be on MATTER: excavations will be made punctually in the areas where ruins are indicated by technical means, thus achieving optimization in the use of human, time and financial resources.
The appeal from the start to archaeometric analytics is also a powerful sign that there was something to hide.
From the archaeometric analytical point of view, both petrographic and chemical, this proposal aims to enrich knowledge about glazed ceramic technology in the Western Islamic world: identification of the Mediterranean access routes, localization of Andalusi workshops and their spread and distribution through the Iberian Peninsula.
This three-day workshop which commenced on Wednesday will cover the topics like Archaeology: methodological theory and practice, Pottery analysis: methodological theory and practice, Documentation for recording and organizing the collected data, Archaeometric investigations on the field and case study of archeological site of Bhanbhore will be visited on Saturday.
The piedmont white marbles used in antiquity: an archaeometric distinction inferred by a minero-petrographic and c-o stable isotope study, Archaeometry.
The articles range from descriptive analyses of ceramic assemblages from one or more sites geared toward an understanding of local and regional interaction to studies that combine archaeometric methods to clarify how ancient technical practices fit into stylistic and cultural categories, past and present.
Funded by the EU, the project is called Archeomedsites and will provide the General Directorate of Antiquities at the ministry with a specialized archaeometric laboratory for pottery and metal analysis equipped with an enhanced technology to conduct archaeological tests.
Technological choice and social expression: Archaeometric analysis of funerary argaric pottery vessels from Cerro de San Cristobal (Ogijares, Granada)
bar]r-Katlimmu: A Survey of the Evidence") integrates the archaeological and archaeometric data retrieved by the team for the vicinity of Tell Sheikh Hamad with the contents of the texts, stressing the marginal position of the site for dry fanning, but positing that its situation between two wadis assures a higher water table and hence greater fertility than that prevalent in the surrounding area.