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 (är′kē-īz′, -kā-)
v. ar·cha·ized, ar·cha·iz·ing, ar·cha·iz·es
To give an archaic quality or character to; make archaic.
To use archaisms, as in prose, to suggest the past.

ar′cha·iz′er n.


(ˈɑːkɪˌaɪz; -keɪ-) or


(tr) to give an archaic appearance or character to, as by the use of archaisms
ˈarchaˌizer, ˈarchaˌiser n


Past participle: archaized
Gerund: archaizing

I archaize
you archaize
he/she/it archaizes
we archaize
you archaize
they archaize
I archaized
you archaized
he/she/it archaized
we archaized
you archaized
they archaized
Present Continuous
I am archaizing
you are archaizing
he/she/it is archaizing
we are archaizing
you are archaizing
they are archaizing
Present Perfect
I have archaized
you have archaized
he/she/it has archaized
we have archaized
you have archaized
they have archaized
Past Continuous
I was archaizing
you were archaizing
he/she/it was archaizing
we were archaizing
you were archaizing
they were archaizing
Past Perfect
I had archaized
you had archaized
he/she/it had archaized
we had archaized
you had archaized
they had archaized
I will archaize
you will archaize
he/she/it will archaize
we will archaize
you will archaize
they will archaize
Future Perfect
I will have archaized
you will have archaized
he/she/it will have archaized
we will have archaized
you will have archaized
they will have archaized
Future Continuous
I will be archaizing
you will be archaizing
he/she/it will be archaizing
we will be archaizing
you will be archaizing
they will be archaizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been archaizing
you have been archaizing
he/she/it has been archaizing
we have been archaizing
you have been archaizing
they have been archaizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been archaizing
you will have been archaizing
he/she/it will have been archaizing
we will have been archaizing
you will have been archaizing
they will have been archaizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been archaizing
you had been archaizing
he/she/it had been archaizing
we had been archaizing
you had been archaizing
they had been archaizing
I would archaize
you would archaize
he/she/it would archaize
we would archaize
you would archaize
they would archaize
Past Conditional
I would have archaized
you would have archaized
he/she/it would have archaized
we would have archaized
you would have archaized
they would have archaized
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Verb1.archaize - give an archaic appearance of character toarchaize - give an archaic appearance of character to; "archaized craftwork"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
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This archaizing, poeticized diction belongs to a different universe from the straightforward speaker of "The Oven Bird.
By calling forth the past, archaism revivifies vanished time in the present, and permits writers access to a shifting and slippery cache of past moments: "The archaizing writer moves backwards and forwards in time, plundering a series of intersecting pasts for material that will suit his or her project" (21).
The archaizing character of the script is somewhat similar to that of other literary papyri; since we can (roughly) date the fragment, we are in a position to assert that the archaic type does not indicate an early date but appears to be associated with the genre of text.
This may be related to an archaizing tendency in some of the earlier translations, where postnominal position of modifiers may be felt as an older feature, along with preservation of the words wyrd and oft and use of the inflected -th verb endings, as seen in several examples in (7) and (8).
This self-conscious trecentismo recalls the work of Carlo Carra, whose painting was then also typified by an archaizing, toadying flag-waving.
On the one hand, I think that ethnographic studies on patrimonialization in the Middle East answer Lila Abu-Lughod's call to expand anthropological concerns to overcome what she calls the "zones of theory" regarding the Arab world, namely those fields of interest liable to reproduce the alterity of the Arab world, with the well-known cultural consequences of archaizing lifestyles, perpetuating biases, reifying cultures (which become "viewable" and identifiable with few ideas--Islam, the harem, segmentation) whilst serving to conceal other aspects of social life, irrespective of how important they are to people.
This setting in a world that does not yet know the Christian, or even the Jewish, revelation has the singular advantage that it also, as it were, prefigures a world so secularized that it has largely forgotten them: the archaic, or archaizing, features of the book are the metaphors for its ultramodernity.
Although Saint Anne is Mary's most obvious mentor, there is a clear parallel between the artistic work of the Virgin and the horticultural work of Saint Joachim--a parallel highlighted by Rossetti's archaizing distortion of perspective.
Peace' is an especially loaded term, and the archaizing imperative "Peace
1250) by adaptive extension; (45) this modernized replacement (without end-stop) is then nullified by Milton's archaizing preference (massive) for the oft-form, even though in "avoidance of obsolescent verb terminals" he was "outstandingly modern"; (46) and first traces back to the same source as Old English fore (adv.
Ian Holgate takes up the vital subject of female patronage in his comparative investigation of the Venetian cult of Monica, and, finally, Roberto Cobianchi provides persuasive evidence for an eremitic, artistic "way of being-in-the-world" (I quote Clifford Geertz), for the Hermits of Citta di Castello guided Raphael's archaizing celestial coronation of San Nicola in his early altarpiece for Sant'Agostino.
Writers from within the genre (China Mieville, David Brin) and outside it (Germaine Greer) complain about Tolkien's Tory medievalism, as they denigrate his archaizing style.