Highly conservative, especially in political viewpoint.

arch′con·ser′va·tive n.
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People who, like me, watch KVAL news programs should be aware that this CBS affiliate has come under the control of an archconservative media conglomerate, Sinclair Broadcasting Group.
Hundreds of thousands of people watch that garbage, and it is not just them: The archconservative blogger Fr.
In the meantime, by appointing an archconservative as his education minister, he is supplementing his military-laden new guard with midlevel officials who hold rabidly isolationist and imperialist views.
Anyone appointed by a Democratic president is going to be much more liberal than the archconservative Justice Scalia.
But White took the late fundraising advantage, taking in about $45,000 in the first three weeks of January - bolstered by a $25,000 donation from archconservative group Empower Texans.
Only the archconservative daily Kayhan launched a direct attack on the deal.
The year is 1984; the archconservative Margaret Thatcher rules Britain with an iron fist and doesn't wear a velvet glove at all.
In 1964, Reagan cast his lot with archconservative Barry Goldwater, launching his own political career with a televised speech urging voters to choose the reactionary candidate who offered a clear view of a world divided between good guys and communists.
The principal men behind that prudent Peace of Paris (First and Second, the latter following Napoleon's return and defeat at Waterloo) were an archconservative, Prince Metternich, and a Burkean Whig, the British Foreign Minister Lord Castlereagh.
Members of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice are often viewed as old and archconservative.
Archconservative David Frum continues the tirade, attacking the much-lauded social welfare policies, including basic literacy and health, for "deforming and stunting the nation's economy.
Was the whole thrust of the Vatileaks against the authoritarian and archconservative Secretary of State Italian Cardinal Bertone, Pope Benedict's points-man, jockeying for a conservative candidate as the next Pope?