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A church official, as in the Anglican Church, who is in charge of temporal and other affairs in a diocese, with powers delegated from the bishop.

[Middle English archedeken, from Old English arcediakon, from Late Latin archidiāconus, from Late Greek arkhidiākonos : Greek arkhi-, archi- + Greek diākonos, deacon.]

arch·dea′con·ate (-kə-nĭt) n.
arch·dea′con·ship′ n.


1. (Anglicanism) an Anglican clergyman ranking just below a bishop and having supervisory duties under the bishop
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a clergyman of similar rank in other Churches


(ˈɑrtʃˈdi kən)

an ecclesiastic who ranks next below a bishop and has administrative responsibility for a diocese.
[before 1000]
arch`dea′con•ate, arch`dea′con•ry, n.
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Noun1.archdeacon - (Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishoparchdeacon - (Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishop
Anglican Church, Anglican Communion, Church of England - the national church of England (and all other churches in other countries that share its beliefs); has its see in Canterbury and the sovereign as its temporal head
clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church


[ˈɑːtʃˈdiːkən] Narcediano m


[ˌɑːrtʃˈdiːkən] narchidiacre m


[ˈɑːtʃˈdiːkən] narcidiacono
References in classic literature ?
This poet was John Barbour, Archdeacon of Aberdeen.
He was Archdeacon of Aberdeen, as already said, and in 1357 he received a safe-conduct from Edward III to allow him to travel to Oxford with three companions.
The priest whitewashes them, the archdeacon scrapes them down; then the populace arrives and demolishes them.
Testimonials representing Mrs General as a prodigy of piety, learning, virtue, and gentility, were lavishly contributed from influential quarters; and one venerable archdeacon even shed tears in recording his testimony to her perfections
The widower then finding Mrs General both inconvenient and expensive, became of a sudden almost as much affected by her merits as the archdeacon had been, and circulated such praises of her surpassing worth, in all quarters where he thought an opportunity might arise of transferring the blessing to somebody else, that Mrs General was a name more honourable than ever.
The archdeacon moved to the West Midlands when he was associate minister at St Andrew's, West Bromwich, and minority ethnic anglican concerns officer for Lichfield Diocese, from 1999 to 2002.
A FORMER archdeacon has been locked up after a jury found him guilty of historical sex offences.
The Venerable Dr Bill Schwartz, the Archdeacon of the Gulf, will be taking over from The Very Reverend Christopher Butt, it was announced during a family service at the cathedral yesterday.
Reverend Moreri Leteemane of the Anglican Church of Botswana is Archdeacon of the northern part of Botswana with Francistown as his headquarters.
On April 22, the diocese of Calgary elected Archdeacon Sidney Black as its first-ever suffragan bishop dedicated fully to Indigenous ministry.
A FORMER County Durham archdeacon has denied a string of historic sex offences dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.