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1. The wife or widow of an archduke.
2. A woman, especially an Austrian princess, holding an archduchy in her own right.
3. Used as a title for such a noblewoman.

[French archiduchesse, feminine of archiduc, archduke; see archduke.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the wife or widow of an archduke
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (since 1453) a princess of the Austrian imperial family, esp a daughter of the Austrian emperor


(ˈɑrtʃˈdʌtʃ ɪs)

1. the wife of an archduke.
2. a princess of the Austrian imperial family.
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Noun1.archduchess - a wife or widow of an archduke or a princess of the former ruling house of Austria
princess - a female member of a royal family other than the queen (especially the daughter of a sovereign)
References in classic literature ?
So he thought that Medea was some archduchess whose conduct was open to criticism.
The Spanish Archduchess Isabella, who ruled the Low Countries, attributed the winning of a battle to the arrival of the statue.
These huanghuali square-back and string-seated folding chairs were among the wide range of works of art acquired by the Marchese Taliani de Marchio during his service as Italian ambassador to China in 1938-46 (with time out in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp with his archduchess wife after refusing to acknowledge Mussolini's government).
Bahney, a journalist, recounts the connections between Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria; Stephanie Richter, her husband Franz SalvatorAEs mistress, a Jewish girl from Vienna who had a child with him; and Adolf Hitler.
But while cash bearing her likeness may be kept inside, on the outside is a vintage image of her friend Archduchess Helen of Austria, whose 80th birthday it was.
The event was attended by Archduke Sandor von Habsburg and his wife Archduchess Herta Margarete, senior members of the Habsburg Family and more than 200 guests.
The event was attended by Archduke SEindor Von Habsburg and his wife Archduchess Herta Margarete, senior members of the Habsburg Family and more than 200 guests.
According to Matthioli's dedicatory letter to the Archduchess of Austria, the combined print run of all pre-1568 Italian versions together totaled at least 30,000 copies (Matthioli, 1568).
Gentle creature,' cried the Archduchess, falling on one knee and at the same time pressing a cordial to Orlando's lips, 'forgive me for the deceit I have practiced on you
Prince Khalifa was presented the award by the association president Archduchess Herta Margarete at a ceremony in the capital Manama attended by Vice-President Archduke Sandor von Habsburg, ministers, and senior Bahraini officials.
A five-act operetta lasting just over 90 minutes, L'aiglon tells the tragic story of the only son of Napoleon Bonaparte by his second wife, Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria.
Sisi travels around Europe, often accompanied by her youngest daughter, Valerie, the only one of her three children she was allowed to raise without the interference of her mother-in-law, the Archduchess Sophie.