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Adj.1.archeologic - related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeologyarcheologic - related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology; "an archaeological dig"; "a dramatic archaeological discovery"
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Based on their historic understanding of Silwan as "The city of David", Israeli authorities have started several archeologic and touristic projects in Silwan.
The section "How We Know What We Know about [X] Mythology" addresses sources for Incan or Celtic legend (archeologic, contemporary, and more recent writings), but for others like the Australian Wawilak Sisters, he says only, "Most of the Aboriginals' myths are kept secret from outsiders.
Riyadh, 10 Rabi'I,1439 AH, 28 November,2017 , SPA -- Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has confirmed that the Kingdom is one of the richest countries in the world with its archeologic, heritage and cultural depth and every day it discovers unique archaeological sites that attract the attention of the whole world to verify that it is the cradle of civilizations.
Underwater-archeologic research on island Sanga--Mugan // Theses of reports of conference "The Graet October and development of an archeologic science in Azerbaijan".--Baku: "The Knowledge", 1987.
Su autora--que pese a su juventud ya habia firmado algunos trabajos sobre la cuestion tanto en el Butlleti Archeologic como en las actas del segundo Congreso Tarraco Bienal y que maneja con extraordinaria solvencia, casi inusual en estos tiempos, las fuentes literarias, las arqueologicas y, de modo especial, tambien las epigraficas y las iconograficas--convierte el volumen en una clara demostracion de como la casi absoluta ausencia de testimonios epigraficos directos sobre la organizacion y funcionamiento del puerto de Tarraco no constituye un obstaculo para, a partir de la comparativa con los soberbios repertorios epigraficos de Ostia y, en menor medida, de Portus, los puertos de Roma, resolver lo que "plausiblement podia haver estat el cas de Tarraco" (p.
This information includes but is not limited to archeologic site records and investigations, academic publications, ethnographies, photographs, and raw and transcribed interview materials.
There have been 2 examples of corpses exhumed from crypts during archeologic excavations in the twentieth century.
(11.) Coccidioidomycosis in workers at an archeologic site--Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, JuneJuly 2001.