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Noun1.archeological site - the site of an archeological explorationarcheological site - the site of an archeological exploration; "they set up camp next to the dig"
archaeology, archeology - the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located); "a good site for the school"
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ISLAMABAD -- Buddhist archeological site of Bhamala is considered a significant archeological discovery of Ghandhara civilization; however, the right bank of river Haro, adjacent to the heritage site, is attracting more visitors than the Buddhist era stupas and statues.
Krak des Chevaliers is a prominent archeological site in Homs, particularly as it was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006 as it enjoys a unique architectural style, in addition to its location as it is surrounded by a charming natural scene.
Qarn Al Jah Archeological Site is located in the rocky hill in the town of "Ismaiya," which is a village in the Wilayat of Dama Wa Ta'eein, specifically on the old road linking Dama Wa Ta'eein with the wilayats of Quriyat and Sur.
NABLUS, April 3, 2018 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Tuesday raided Sebastia archeological site in the north of the West Bank to secure the place for Jewish settlers and clashed with Palestinian residents, according to Mayor Muhammad Azem.
Al-Naimi gave a presentation on the archeological site at Al Zubarah town and the remains discovered there.
While 103,000 visited the Perge archeological site in 2014, the number came down to 44,000 in 2015.
Summary: A number of geophysical scan operations have been carried out by the archeology administration of the Department of Information in cooperation with a team of German specialists at the Maliha archeological site, using a number of special radar equipment to analyse archeological levels from different depths.
Later, the Directorate of Archeology sent a team to the site and, after some research, the team confirmed it as an archeological site. After that, the Ministry of Municipality told the landowners to stop building houses on and around the land.
This is a lovely and lovingly written work about Petra, capital of the Nabataean kingdom, and arguably the most impressive archeological site in the Near East.
In 2001, an outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred among persons working at a Native American archeological site at Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah.
And while in the north region, don't forget to stop in the Peten, home to thousands of acres of unspoiled rainforest, and the famous archeological site of Tikal.
Sweida, SANA- During its work and field follow-up in Si'a Hill archeological site, Sweida Antiquities Department unearthed an 80 cm-long and 40 cm-wide stone inscription belonging to one of the temples at the top of the hill.