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Adj.1.archesporial - of or relating to the cells in a sporangium that give rise to spores
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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We first observed the archesporial stage of microsporogenesis in buds in the middle April (Fig.
However, the classic model of anther development involving three 'germ layers' that give rise to specific cell lineages (LI to epidermis, L2 to endothecium, middle layers, outer tapetum and archesporial cells, and L3 to connective and inner tapetum) and the well accepted dual origin of tapetum in angiosperms, has been challenged.
Although the sporogenous and tapetal cells have a common origin from the archesporial cells (ECHLIN, 1973; CANALES et al., 2002), and, in Poaceae family, remain in close contact during their all developmental stages (KIRPES et al., 1996), there is a tendency of more stability of Bs in the somatic tissue.
Unreduced embryo sacs arise from somatic nucellar cells in apospory and unreduced archesporial cells in diplospory (Asker and Jerling, 1992).
At the transition from archesporial cells to sporocytes in mosses and hornworts, special expandable walls of callose or mucopolysaccharide are formed within the vegetative cell walls.