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 (är′kə-vĭst, -kī′-)
One who is in charge of archives.


(Professions) a person in charge of archives, their collection, and cataloguing


(ˈɑr kə vɪst, -kaɪ-)

a person who collects or is responsible for archives.
[1745–55; < French archiviste]
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Noun1.archivist - a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archivesarchivist - a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives
aggregator, collector - a person who collects things
أمين مَحْفوظات، قَيِّم أرشيف
arşiv memuru


[ˈɑːkɪvɪst] Narchivero/a m/f, archivista mf (LAm)


[ˈɑːrkɪvɪst] narchiviste mf


nArchivar(in) m(f)


[ˈɑːkɪvɪst] narchivista m/f


(ˈaːkaivz) noun plural
(a place for keeping) old documents, historical records etc.
ˈarchivist (-ki-) noun
a person who looks after archives.
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Recommendation: To help establish an effective information security program for NARA's information and information systems, the Archivist of the United States should update NARA's system documentation and inventory to reflect accurate Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 categorizations.
Having worked for 30 years at the University of British Columbia Press, and being a professional archivist and an information and records management consultant, Millar knows her subject.
Drake's article to be of concern [April 2010 IT, "Interview With David Ferriero: A New Mission for the Librarian Archivist at NARA" by Miriam A.
But sometimes, the identity of an item confounds archivist and librarian alike.
a) "Archivist" refers to the Archivist of the United States or his designee.
Archivist is also said to be flexible enough to work with all ERP systems, including Oracle, PeopleSoft (peoplesoft.
Joel Dorn, one of the key producers at Atlantic Records in the 1960s and '70s who became a pre-eminent jazz archivist in the CD era, died Dec.
He was an Archivist of the College of the Holy Cross from 1988 until becoming ill.
The session will be run jointly by an archivist and there will be the chance to buy some conservation supplies.
Borough archivist Sarah Chubb will talk about the archive service, followed by Paul Crooks, author of Ancestors, who will be looking at researching Caribbean ancestry.
The renowned archivist had worked for 32 years at the Georgia Department of Archives and History.
Borch, who retired last year after twenty-five years of active duty service as an Army judge advocate (JA), assumed duties on 7 March 2006 as the Judge Advocate General's Corps' (JAG Corps) Regimental Historian and Archivist at The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS).

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