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 (är′kŏn′, -kən)
1. A high official; a ruler.
2. One of the nine principal magistrates of ancient Athens.
3. An authoritative figure; a leader: archons of cultural modernism.

[Latin archōn, from Greek arkhōn, from present participle of arkhein, to rule.]

ar′chon·ship′ n.


(ˈɑːkɒn; -kən)
1. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Athens) one of the nine chief magistrates
2. (Law) (in ancient Athens) one of the nine chief magistrates
[C17: from Greek arkhōn ruler, from arkhein to rule]
ˈarchonˌship n


(ˈɑr kɒn)

1. a higher magistrate in ancient Athens.
2. a chief officer.
[1650–60; < Greek árchōn]
ar′chon•ship`, n.


one of the nine magistrates in ancient Athens, chosen from the leading families to oversee the civil and religious life of the city.
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It was late before the Archon granted a comic chorus to a poet; the performers were till then voluntary.
It is also necessary for all the magistrates at Athens; to attend in the court of the Helisea when any new magistrate is created: the power of the archon also in that state partakes of the nature of an oligarchy: inequality is always the occasion of sedition, but not when those who are unequal are treated in a different manner correspondent to that inequality.
Tied to the four-torch, mechanized welding system is a quartet of arc-welding computers supplied by National-Standard's Archon Group, South Bend, IN.
| You can buy your own Archon MOVE device from Amazon or Tesco The hotel assistant concierge manager | Steps: 4,940 | Distance: 3.4km | Calories burnt: 222 Nathan Morse is a 26-year-old assistant concierge manager at one of Wales' top hotels, the Celtic Manor.
Esplanade Capital, which according to Bloomberg data is Archon's second largest outside shareholder, has been disappointed by the "stonewalling" on behalf of the management, Esplanade said in a letter on Thursday.
It's hard to foresee who will ultimately choose the future patriarch, says the Rolex-wearing bishop of Plovdiv Nikolay a "whether it will be bishop agents, the newly rich archons, the politicians, the ordinary Orthodox community or the Holy Spirit".
Jason Frotten, Archon Residential, Aventine at Deerwood, Jacksonville, Fla., First Coast Apartment Association, 2 minutes, 19.122 seconds
Charles Port has retired as Archon chief executive, but remains company secretary.
Archon Fung is assistant professor of public policy for the John F.
The eight-year-old was Metcalfe's regular ride every morning at home at Andrew Balding's Kingsclere yard, and she had been "over the moon" when he had carried her to a narrow defeat of Archon in the apprentice claimer, less than three weeks after he had also provided her long-standing boyfriend Neil Chalmers with a winner.
WILLIAMS President, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, and Grand Sire Archon, Sigma Pi Phi
Solon was elected archon (594 - 593 or 592 - 591 bc ) on order to mediate between the oppressed poor and the rich few.