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1. Expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate: an ardent lover.
2. Displaying or characterized by strong enthusiasm or devotion; fervent: "an impassioned age, so ardent and serious in its pursuit of art" (Walter Pater).
a. Burning; fiery.
b. Glowing; shining: ardent eyes.

[Middle English ardaunt, from Old French ardant, from Latin ārdēns, ārdent-, present participle of ārdēre, to burn; see as- in Indo-European roots.]

ar′den·cy (-dn-sē) n.
ar′dent·ly adv.
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Those swooning tropic nights, under our palm trees, the distant surf a langourous murmur as from some vast sea shell of mystery, when she, my Princess, all but melted to my yearning, and with her laughter, that was as silver strings by buds and blossoms smitten, all but made lunacy of my lover's ardency.
The cast, especially Monsod, displayed the same ardency, baring the souls of their characters with that level of intimacy that could both be poignant and awkward.
Ardency for nature enlivens "Poem 2," which conjures "the corollas / of giant sunflowers, defeated / by their very fullness.
Perhaps most impressive of all is his performance from a 1958 Swedish telecast in which he sings the art song "Till havs" (To the sea) with soaring beauty and ardency.
Reading the letters makes clear why his ardency could be a lodestone.
His ardency for the applied science won him his first step on the academic ladder - something those who've just failed their A-Levels should note.
Traditional and interactive development of stereotypes for 'Savoir vivre' and German ardency in modem popular literature.
As Graham magnanimity has been defined as individual ardency, Podsakoff et al [20] defined as chivalry and Lambert [12] as loyalty that is explained in the next section.
Comics YEARS ago comics were in vogue, long before TV, Children enjoyed and read them with great ardency, The Beano,Dandy, Knockout and the Film Fun, Filled with famous characters, I knew most every one, Desperate Dan with cow pie, Keyhole Kate as well, Up to lots of mischief that I can foretell, But they encouraged kids to read and write, Reading comics helped to make them bright.
The audience should not have to depend on surtides to understand the ardency of this character, or the purity and beauty of the ideal woman he has created.
Updike gives Buck an Ann Rutledge of his own, Anne Coleman, who takes her life in despair over her suitor's lack of ardency.
The lyrical earnestness with which Malick enshrines the glory of love may provoke a spasm of embarrassment early on, approaching a well-worn cinematic subject with the ardency and naivete of an explorer stumbling on a new world.