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TULSA Attorney General Mike Hunter issued a consumer alert after a rash of scam phone calls from Sierra Leone have bludgeoned Oklahomans with Tulsa area codes.
Through this publication the draft strategy document is temporarily open to reaction and the market can get to know the planned tender for gt 14 area code early and on the main line.
10-10-2017 on October 27, 2017, directing all telecommunications companies in the Philippines to migrate all customers within the area code 02 to 8-digit telephone numbers, from the existing 7 digits, not later than March 31, 2019.
All public telecommunications entities are required to migrate all customers within the 02 area code from the existing seven-digit number to eight digits by March 31, 2019.
The Alabama Public Service Commission has approved an area code overlay to ensure the availability of telephone numbering resources in a manner that is most efficient and least confusing for consumers, while minimizing possible disruption to consumers and businesses.
The 619 area code is expected to use up its available prefixes by March 2019.
The CPUC has started the process to introduce a new area code to the area now served by the 805 area code, as the 805 is now expected to use up its available prefixes by June 2018 due to increased demand.
There are currently 153 single family residences listed for sale in the 40047 area code. 67 of these properties are active with no other current offers.
Be especially on guard if the call-back number has an area code of 876, 809, or 284.
5 YEARS AGO NEW businesses in Cardiff are being allocated with a new area code because the numbers beginning with 02920 are running out.
The Middlesbrough area code includes calls to most of the towns on Teesside - from Billingham to Redcar and including Middlesbrough, Stockton and Yarm.
I came to Eugene the same week the 503 area code left.

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