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To calculate the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width. The area of this rectangle is 50 square feet.


1. A roughly bounded part of the space on a surface; a region: a farming area; the New York area.
2. A surface, especially an open, unoccupied piece of ground: a landing area; a playing area.
3. A distinct part or section, as of a building, set aside for a specific function: a storage area in the basement.
4. A division of experience, activity, or knowledge; a field: studies in the area of finance; a job in the health-care area.
5. An open, sunken space next to a building; an areaway.
6. Abbr. A The extent of a planar region or of the surface of a solid measured in square units.

[Latin ārea, open space; possibly akin to ārēre, to be dry; see arid.]

ar′e·al adj.
ar′e·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.areal - of or relating to or involving an area
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As an important part of surface metrology, the research of filtration and its focus are undergoing a shift from 2D methods to 3D methods due to the increasing demand for areal characterization in both academia and industry.
Construction of AREAL accelerator was launched last year as part of the
According to IHS iSuppli, areal densities are projected to climb to a maximum 1,800 Gbits per square inch per platter by 2016, up from 744 Gbits per square inch in 2011.
The RC5100 builds upon the success of the LDPC architecture of its 40nm predecessor to create a seamless roadmap of significant areal density increases for HDD OEMs.
Each image has a number of spatially distinct areal objects, {[a.sub.1],..., [a.sub.n]} [member of] A and {[b.sub.1,...,[b.sub.m]} [member of] B, respectively.
Her narrator is Areal, a smart junior in prep school, whose parents are professionals and who is heading in that direction herself, especially after a highly successful debating contest.
White men have an almost 40% increased risk for each standard deviation decrease in volumetric spine bone mineral density (BMD), while black women appear to have up to a 44% increased risk for each standard deviation decrease in areal BMD, presenting a complicated picture of how bone mass and cardiovascular disease interact with gender and race, said Ghada N.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 April 2006-Oslo Areal ASA reports Q1 operating result of NOK179.3m(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Perpendicular recording allows hard drive manufacturers to put more bits of data on each square inch of disk space-called areal density or data density--because of magnetic geometry.
Because bone mineral density measured by DXA represents the areal density (grams per square centimeter) rather than the volumetric density (grams per cubic centimeter) of bone, the investigators generated mathematical estimates of volumetric bone density from the DXA measurements of bone mineral content and bone area.
AIT-4 media features an areal density of 1.17Gbit/inch2, greater than any other magnetic tape media in the world, the company claims.
Making full use of Toshiba's latest advances in HDD technologies, including the highest areal density yet commercialized, the new HDD delivers 100GB of storage capacity and does so in a drive only 9.5mm high.