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vb (tr)
to declareto guess or divineto interpretto adviseto make a decision
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For better or for worse, these Congressmen represent not only the party but arede facto image models for the show itself.
The Olukere was arrested and detained on December 25, 2017, after the opening of his hotel, Arede Royal Suites in
Mesquita, E.; Antunes, P.; Coelho, F.; Andre, P.; Arede, A.; Varum, H.
Arede, "Seismic performance of the infill masonry walls and ambient vibration tests after the Ghorka 2015, Nepal earthquake," Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, vol.
The drug chain is controlled by the Arede family, which will continue to be part of the company's management after the deal, according to the report by Valor Economico.
Arede socioassistencial nesses espacos sera minima; desta feita, o acesso e permanencia nas escolas publicas serao sempre de muita dificuldade, um sistema de educacao que nao consegue dialogar com esses jovens.
And so he did too mo, as he coude arede, Graspyng after with the staff in length and eke in brede, And fond hym otherwhile redlich inowghe With the staffes ende highe uppon his browe.
The highest amount of taxes was paid by the licentiate Henrique de Arede, prebendary, for a total of 40,000 reis.