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(NASDAQ: HOOK, 'HOOKIPA'), a company developing a new class of immunotherapeutics targeting infectious diseases and cancers based on its proprietary arenavirus platform, today announced that HOOKIPA's management team will present and host one-on-one meetings at the following investor conferences in September.
a company developing a new class of immunotherapeutics, targeting infectious diseases and cancers based on its proprietary arenavirus platform, reported recent clinical progress highlights and financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2019.
The MACV-GP, which is from an unrelated arenavirus prevalent only in South America, was included as a negative control.
In addition, Hookipa plans to apply its arenavirus platform to develop additional novel immuno-oncology product candidates.
It is an interferon inducible transmembrane protein that provides innate immune response activity by inhibiting members of the retrovirus, filovirus, arenavirus, and herpesvirus families [25].
Decoding arenavirus pathogenesis: Essential roles for alpha-dystroglycan-virus interactions and the immune response.
A variety of pathogens such as Dengue, encephalitis's viruses, arenavirus, hantavirus, hepacivirus, Leptospira, Bartonella, Leishmania and Trypanosome, among others, have also been found in frugivorous and insectivorous chiroptera.
(28) No agents are approved for the treatment of arenavirus infections besides ribavirin with toxicity concerns.
Restrepo B, Rodas JD, Montoya-Ruiz C, Zuluaga AM, Parra-Henao G,Agudelo-Florez P [Serological evidence of Leptospira spp., dengue, hantavirus and arenavirus infection in Embera-Katio indigenous population, Colombia].
The relevance of this intriguing mechanism of viral entry is further reinforced by recent work on Lassa virus, an Old World Arenavirus that, similarly to Ebola virus, causes severe to fatal hemorrhagic disease in humans [48, 136].
Finalmente, la epidemia actual de fiebre Lassa en Nigeria, causada por un Arenavirus, ha mostrado una letalidad muy alta, del 54 por ciento, habiendose ya extendido a paises vecinos.
Dai, Discovery and Optimization of Potent Broad-Spectrum Arenavirus Inhibitors Derived From Benzimidazole and Related Heterocycles, Bioorg.