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 (ə-rē′ə-lə, âr′ē-ō′lə)
n. pl. a·re·o·lae (-lē′) or a·re·o·las
1. A small ring of color around a center portion, as about the nipple of the breast or the part of the iris surrounding the pupil of the eye.
2. A small space or interstice in a tissue or part, such as the area bounded by small veins in a leaf or the wing of an insect. In both senses also called areole.

[Latin āreola, small open space, diminutive of ārea, open place; see area.]

a·re′o·lar, a·re′o·late (-lĭt) adj.
a·re′o·la′tion n.
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Adj.1.areolar - relating to or like or divided into areolaeareolar - relating to or like or divided into areolae; "areolar tissue"
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The thinness of skin and loose areolar tissue in infants, made this flap raising quite challenging.
The following anthropomorphic breast measurement were made by a single evaluator: sternal notch-to-nipple distance, midclavicle-to-nipple distance, fold-to-nipple distance, areolar width, breast width, and inframammary fold to-fold projection distance (Figure 4).
These spaces are filled by fatty or loose areolar connective tissues, which are generally avascular.
The appearance of a loose areolar tissue below the level of the promontory confirms the correct plane between the visceral peritoneum and the pelvic fascia.
Each patient was injected with 37 MBq of 99mTcNanocolloids, via sub areolar, peri-tumoural route, pre-operatively.
The bacterial composition of the breast milk and areolar area and the infant's stool was determined.
Only the larger carcinomas may have invaded deep enough to encounter the areolar lymphatics.
Se pueden encontrar diversas variedades de tejido conectivo, de acuerdo a esto la capa sinovial subintima se clasifica en tipo areolar o laxa, tipo fibrosa, y tipo adiposa (variedad ausente en condiciones normales), aunque no se conoce la especificidad funcional de cada una (Nanci).
The angle formed by the areolar insertions of disk setae dps-mps-lps is given in descriptions and illustrated (Figs.
Sullivan et al., "Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy and Ptosis: Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction Allows Full Secondary Mastopexy with Complete Nipple Areolar Repositioning," Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol.
The occurrence of BCC in unexposed areas such as in the nipple areolar complex (NAC) is very rare [4, 5].
When substernal goiters expand into the inferior mediastinum, less resistance is encountered during extension to the right side of the trachea owing to the relatively loose areolar tissue found in this region.