areolar tissue

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Noun1.areolar tissue - fibrous connective tissue with the fibers arranged in a mesh or netareolar tissue - fibrous connective tissue with the fibers arranged in a mesh or net
connective tissue - tissue of mesodermal origin consisting of e.g. collagen fibroblasts and fatty cells; supports organs and fills spaces between them and forms tendons and ligaments
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The thinness of skin and loose areolar tissue in infants, made this flap raising quite challenging.
Moreover, vesicovaginal space dissection should be performed medially at the midline within the loose areolar tissue because lateral extensions during dissection could cause bleeding from the bladder pillars (vesical veins).
The appearance of a loose areolar tissue below the level of the promontory confirms the correct plane between the visceral peritoneum and the pelvic fascia.
* Extend the incision bilaterally to the uterosacral ligaments only after the correct dissection plane is confirmed by visualization of the areolar tissue.
When substernal goiters expand into the inferior mediastinum, less resistance is encountered during extension to the right side of the trachea owing to the relatively loose areolar tissue found in this region.
Scalp is an acronym for skin, connective tissue, aponeurosis, loose areolar tissue and periosteum.
(4,5) Other graft materials that have been used in myringoplasty and tympanoplasty include canal skin grafts, loose areolar tissue, and acellular dermis, among others.
Surrounding the lymph node the excess fat and areolar tissue has been dissolved away, bringing the lymph node tissue to the foreground.
Second, the subcutaneous tissue, which consists of a loose areolar tissue where the lymphatics and veins lie.
The loose areolar tissue between the two heads of the gastrocnemius and its accompanying venous plexus was incorporated into the flap design.