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1. A small, specialized, cushionlike area on a cactus from which hairs, glochids, spines, branches, or flowers may arise.
2. See areola.

[French aréole, from Latin āreola, small open space; see areola.]


1. (Biology) biology a space outlined on a surface, such as an area between veins on a leaf or on an insect's wing
2. (Botany) a sunken area on a cactus from which spines, hairs, etc, arise
ˈareoˌlate adj


(ˈɛər iˌoʊl)

[1855–60; < French < Latin]
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The fruits are globose or subglobose, sometimes oblong, fleshy, red to green, with persistent spiny areoles.
One characteristic of the Oligocene intrusive bodies is the creation of alteration areoles in Eocene volcaniclastics, and their hydrothermal phases have been generally accompanied by the formation of elements such as epithermal gold, copper, lead, zinc and kaolin.
Chromosome doubling was achieved by several means; by applying colchicine and/or oryzalin, both to germinating seeds and to areoles (Te-Zur et al 2011b), by crossing between genotypes of various ploidy where some offspring were found to be of different ploidy than the parents (Tel-Zur et al 2004), or alternatively--by gynogenesis (Benega-Garcia et al 2009b).
1] deeply convex distad of claval apex, almost reaching M, hence slightly detached; with a callus in costal cell, 6 apical areoles distad of stigma, apical part behind apex of clavus folding down and covering apex of abdomen.
However, Bowers (1996) suggests that the cladodes produced during the previous year leads to a higher number of unused areoles that translated into a higher number of new cladodes and flowers that was not necessarily coupled with rainfall.
having distinctive more or less quadrangular areoles filled with branching veinlets present between the secondary veins.
5 cm wide, apex rounded to shortly acute, base cordate, truncate or rounded, often slightly asymmetrical, margin entire or irregularly serrate particularly on sprout leaves, blades bicolored, above dark green (turning red at senescence), opaque or slightly glossy, sparsely short glandular pubescent with or without additional eglandular whitish hairs, rarely glabrescent, the veinlets raised forming small areoles that give an irregular aspect to the minutely papillous surface, lower surface of blade creamy to ochroleucous because a dense and uniform indument of short, tightly and irregularly curled hairs hides the surface, often also with glandular hairs 0.
Hemelytra: Subparallel, impunctate, shiny, with scattered scalelike setae, intermixed with semi-erect, simple setae; basal width of cuneus about three fourths the length; membrane entire with two areoles, one large, one small and narrow.
Aspicilia contorta is easily recognised by the scattered areoles, convex, grey and more or less pruinose, and by the sunken apothecia.
Changes in height and diameter can be caused by changes in water status of the plant, but new areoles represent new tissue generated at the apical meristem.
The dorsal plain is smooth, with a few areoles only towards the lateral margin, but without any rudiments of keels.
Her cetacean breasts narrowed to the areoles like the snout of a humpback.