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n. pl. argali or ar·ga·lis
A large wild sheep (Ovis ammon) of mountainous regions of central and northern Asia, the male of which has massive curved horns.

[Mongolian arghali, mountain ewe.]


(ˈɑːɡəlɪ) or


n, pl -gali or -gals
(Animals) a wild sheep, Ovis ammon, inhabiting semidesert regions in central Asia: family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla. It is the largest of the sheep, having massive horns in the male, which may almost form a circle
[C18: from Mongolian]


(ˈɑr gə li)

n., pl. -li.
a wild sheep, Ovis ammon, of Asia, having long curved horns that typically form an open, outwardly extended spiral.
[1770–80; < Mongolian: female mountain sheep]
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Noun1.argali - wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asiaargali - wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia
genus Ovis, Ovis - sheep
wild sheep - undomesticated sheep
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The ahsahta, argali, or bighorn, on the contrary, has short hair like a deer, and resembles it in shape, but has the head and horns of a sheep, and its flesh is said to be delicious mutton.
It is called by some the argali, by others the ibex, though differing from both of these animals.
Its core is formed from the contribution by the first and most consistent generation of Latvian hyperrealists --Imants Lancmanis, Guntis Strupulis, Liga Purmale, Miervaldis Polis, Maris Argalis.
Wild Argalis weight is the highest among Caprinae, and the rams weigh up to 200 kg.
Cases heard at Coventry Magistrates Court on Thursday, January 1, included: Ian Argalis, 28, of Windmill Road, Longford, caused a breach of the peace.
An international survey revealed that argalis are hunted in Kyrgyzstan by helicopters with Kalashnikov rifles, expert Bakyt Turdumambetov told a press conference in Bishkek on November 18.
If I could have afforded it, I could have hunted two different argalis as well, but I was there nearly three weeks.
Attempts to uplist sawfishes, mantella frogs, timber rattlesnakes, Kara Tau argalis (large, wild sheep of Asia), several species of parakeets, lorikeets and cockatoos also failed.
During the hunting season from 15 September to 1 December 2013, 235 Siberian ibexes and 40 argalis were hunted in Kyrgyzstan.
The bighorn of the Alberta and British Columbia Rockies is one of the largest of all wild sheep and not much smaller than the biggest argalis of Central Asia.