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 (är′jən-tīn′, -tēn′)
Relating to or resembling silver; silvery.
1. Silver.
2. Any of various silvery metals.

[Middle English, from Old French argentin, from Latin argentīnus, from argentum, silver; see arg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈɑːdʒənˌtiːn; -ˌtaɪn)
1. (Placename) the Argentine another name for Argentina
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Argentina
(Placename) of or relating to Argentina
Also (for senses 2, 3): Argentinian


(Elements & Compounds) of, relating to, or resembling silver
1. (Animals) any of various small marine salmonoid fishes, such as Argentina sphyraena, that constitute the family Argentinidae and are characterized by a long silvery body
2. (Zoology) any of various small marine salmonoid fishes, such as Argentina sphyraena, that constitute the family Argentinidae and are characterized by a long silvery body
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(ˈɑr dʒən tɪn, -ˌtaɪn)

silver; silvery.
[1400–50; late Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin argentīnus. See argent, -ine1]


(ˈɑr dʒənˌtin, -ˌtaɪn)

1. a native or inhabitant of Argentina.
2. the, Argentina.
3. of or pertaining to Argentina or its inhabitants.
Also, Ar•gen•tin•e•an (ˌɑr dʒənˈtɪn i ən) (for defs. 1,3).
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Noun1.argentine - any of various small silver-scaled salmon-like marine fishes
malacopterygian, soft-finned fish - any fish of the superorder Malacopterygii
genus Argentina, Argentina - type genus of the Argentinidae: argentines
Adj.1.Argentine - of or relating to or characteristic of Argentina or its people; "Argentinian tango"
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아르헨티나 사람아르헨티나의
người Argentinathuộc nước/người Argentina


A. ADJargentino
B. N
1. (= person) → argentino/a m/f
2. the Argentinela Argentina
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n (= person) → Argentin(e) m/f
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n the ArgentineArgentinien nt
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أَرْجِنْتينيّ Argentinec, argentinský argentiner, argentinsk Argentinier, argentinisch αργεντίνικος, Αργεντινός argentino argentiinalainen argentin Argentinac, argentinski argentino アルゼンチンの, アルゼンチン人 아르헨티나 사람, 아르헨티나의 Argentijn, Argentijns argentiner, argentinsk Argentyńczyk, argentyński argentino аргентинец, аргентинский argentinare, argentinsk เกี่ยวกับประเทศอาร์เจนตินา, ชาวอาร์เจนตินา Arjantin, Arjantinli người Argentina, thuộc nước/người Argentina 阿根廷人, 阿根廷的
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'What is the use,' replied the other, 'of being Prince of the Gnomes, and having a mother who is queen over all the four elements, if I cannot win the love of the Princess Argentine? From the moment that I first saw her, sitting in the forest surrounded by flowers, I have never ceased to think of her night and day, and, although I love her, I am quite convinced that she will never care for me.
Now the Prince of the Golden Isle was enchanted with this conversation, for the Princess Argentine was his sister, and he hoped, by means of her influence over the Prince of the Gnomes, to obtain from his brother the release of Rosalie.
They turned out to be the Prince Gnome and his friend, and the sudden desire to get some news of his sister, Princess Argentine, caused the Invisible Prince to follow them and to listen to their conversation.
I want to talk to you about a great political and financial scheme, about this Argentine Canal Company, in fact.
This Argentine scheme is a commonplace Stock Exchange swindle.
And now I am going to sell you that letter, and the price I ask for it is your public support of the Argentine scheme.
I remember, somewhere, sitting in a circle with Japanese fishermen, Kanaka boat-steerers from our own vessels, and a young Danish sailor fresh from cowboying in the Argentine and with a penchant for native customs and ceremonials.
Jacky rejoined Howards End and Ducie Street, and the vermilion motor-car, and the Argentine Hard Dollars, and all the things and people for whom he had never had much use and had less now.
In the year 1858 I received a bulky packet bearing the stamp of the Argentine Republic, a realm in which, to the best of my belief, I had not a solitary acquaintance.
Theirs was the spirit which upheld Darwin among the gauchos of the Argentine or Wallace among the head-hunters of Malaya.
Argentine beef boats we sighted too, of enormous capacity and unlovely outline.
Another heading was "Argentine," another "Costa Rica," and another "San Paulo," each with pages of signs and figures after it.

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