argillaceous rock

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Noun1.argillaceous rock - a sedimentary rock formed from clay deposits
sedimentary rock - rock formed from consolidated clay sediments
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9d) are abundant in argillaceous rock suggests that the oil shale should have been deposited in fresh brackish water and an anaerobic environment under propitious hydrodynamic conditions.
The first type includes dolostones from pure dolomite to strongly argillaceous rock, with an IR content between 2.7 and 23.5% and MgO content of 14.5-19.9% (Table 1).
There, excessive rainfall percolating through argillaceous rock unbalanced the delicate groundwater condition that was present beneath the sloping ground.
Typical flow rates range from 0.05 to 0.5 ml/day for argillaceous rock samples of 8-12 cm length and hydraulic heads of 2-8 MPa, corresponding to head gradients of 1.7 x [10.sup.3] - 10 x [10.sup.3] m/m.
Avoiding the contact of samples with air showed to be necessary, since this argillaceous rock is extremely susceptible to pyrite oxidation.
Gorgeon et al., "Modelling of the ion-exchange properties and indirect determination of the interstitial water composition of an argillaceous rock. Application to the Callovo-Oxfordian low-water-content formation," Applied Geochemistry, vol.
The main rock assemblage in this segment is dark-black argillaceous rock containing organic matter (silty claystone, oil shale) interbedded with sandy dolostone and dolomitic siltstone of approximately isopachous type.
[20,21] presented an experimental study on the delayed behavior of unsaturated argillaceous rocks with the dimensions of 24 x 36 mm, including shrinkage, swelling, and creep, by DIC techniques and measured the very low strain rate of the argillaceous rocks at various scales under uniaxial compression and various environmental conditions.
Gamble, Durability-Plasticity Classification of Shales and other Argillaceous Rocks. [Ph.D.
Argillaceous rocks in the production of silica brick.
The Abbottabad Formation was named by Mark and Ali (1961) for a set of predominantly dolomitic rocks with subordinate siliceous and argillaceous rocks from the Sirban Hill Abbottabad.