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n. pl. ar·go·sies
1. Nautical
a. A large merchant ship.
b. A fleet of ships.
2. A rich source or supply: an argosy of adventure lore.

[Alteration of obsolete ragusye, from Italian ragusea, vessel of Ragusa (Dubrovnik).]


n, pl -sies
(Nautical Terms) archaic or poetic a large abundantly laden merchant ship, or a fleet of such ships
[C16: from Italian Ragusea (nave) (ship) of Ragusa]


(ˈɑr gə si)

n., pl. -sies.
1. a large merchant ship, esp. one with a rich cargo.
2. a fleet of such ships.
3. an opulent supply or collection.
[1570–80; earlier ragusy < Italian (nave) ragusea (ship) of Ragusa]
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Noun1.argosy - one or more large merchant shipsargosy - one or more large merchant ships  
fleet - a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership
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It is easy, then, in fancy, to people these silent canals with plumed gallants and fair ladies--with Shylocks in gaberdine and sandals, venturing loans upon the rich argosies of Venetian commerce--with Othellos and Desdemonas, with Iagos and Roderigos--with noble fleets and victorious legions returning from the wars.
Mark the successful man, the merchant prince with argosies on every sea, the employer of thousands of hands, the munificent contributor to public charities, the churchwarden, the member of parliament, and the generous patron of his relatives his self-approbation struggling with the instinctive sense of baseness in the money-hunter, the ignorant and greedy filcher of the labor of others, the seller of his own mind and manhood for luxuries and delicacies that he was too lowlived to enjoy, and for the society of people who made him feel his inferiority at every turn.