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v. ar·gued, ar·gu·ing, ar·gues
1. To put forth reasons for or against; debate: "It is time to stop arguing tax-rate reductions and to enact them" (Paul Craig Roberts).
2. To attempt to prove by reasoning; maintain or contend: The speaker argued that more immigrants should be admitted to the country.
3. To give evidence of; indicate: "Similarities cannot always be used to argue descent" (Isaac Asimov).
4. To persuade or influence (another), as by presenting reasons: argued the clerk into lowering the price.
1. To put forth reasons for or against something: argued for dismissal of the case; argued against an immediate counterattack.
2. To engage in a quarrel; dispute: We need to stop arguing and engage in constructive dialogue.

[Middle English arguen, from Old French arguer, from Latin argūtāre, to babble, chatter, frequentative of arguere, to make clear; see arg- in Indo-European roots.]

ar′gu·er n.
Synonyms: argue, quarrel1, wrangle, squabble, bicker
These verbs denote verbal exchange involving disagreement or conflict. To argue is to present reasons or facts in order to persuade someone of something: "I am not arguing with you—I am telling you" (James McNeill Whistler).
It is also often used of more heated exchanges: The couple argued for hours over who was at fault.
Quarrel denotes angry, often ongoing conflict: The band quarreled with their manager over money.
It can also refer to continuing disputes of a public or professional nature: "Experts still quarrel about the ultimate cause of Alzheimer's [disease]" (Geoffrey Cowley).
Wrangle refers to loud, contentious argument: "audiences ... who can be overheard wrangling about film facts in restaurants and coffee houses" (Sheila Benson).
Squabble and bicker both suggest sharp, persistent, bad-tempered infighting, often of a petty nature: "A nobility of warriors ... they squabbled endlessly on political matters, resolving the problems of dynastic succession with one bloodbath after another" (Carlos Fuentes). The senators bickered about adjustments to the tax proposal for weeks. See Also Synonyms at discuss.
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Noun1.arguer - someone who engages in debatearguer - someone who engages in debate  
controversialist, disputant, eristic - a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy
devil's advocate - someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument
confuter, disprover, rebutter, refuter - a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument
wrangler - someone who argues noisily or angrily
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(= quarreller)streitsüchtiger Mensch, Streithammel m (inf)
(= reasoner)logisch argumentierender Mensch; to be a logical arguerlogisch argumentieren (können)
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We have got an arguer" - Hollywood star Shirley MacLaine on President Donald Trump.
We have got an arguer" Hollywood star Shirley MacLaine on President Donald Trump.
On ne peut enfin arguer un discours coherent sans combler les attentes, sans assurer les droits des pauvres et sans preserver la dignite des populations, dans la decence…
But the divine religion was very sound logic and bodies but do not on ideas and beliefs.' To this point, the argument is sound and logical and non one can arguer with that.
Thus, one can conveniently hoped that participation of Hameeda Shahid in general election would arguer well for the entire area of upper dir which had been cracking under pressure of conservative elements, restricting women to boundary walls of their houses and did not want them to take part in active politics.
While attacking someone's argument, we mostly attack the arguer and we don't even realize this.
An arguer starts with the solution, then sorts through the data, discarding anything that doesn't support the conclusion.
In addition to a procedure from moving from premise to conclusion, "an arguer must perceive some rationale that establishes that the claim led to is worthy of being entertained" (Brockriede 1992, 6).
The argument that the Duterte administration's political agenda is just politics as usual tells us more about what the arguer thinks politics is (the allocation of power, plain and simple) rather than current political reality (power is being used to silence critics, create a permanent sense of national security risk, accumulate even more power for its own sake).
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