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n. pl. ar·gu·men·ta (-tə) Logic
An argument, demonstration, or appeal to reason.

[Latin argūmentum; see argument.]


n, pl -ta (-tə)
an argument


(ˌɑr gyəˈmɛn təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
[< Latin]
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The supposition is of course preposterous; and I might answer by the argumentum ad hominem, and ask what should be done if a perfect kangaroo were seen to come out of the womb of a bear?
2) In particular, scholars now regularly attend to the character of the entire text, which makes it clear that the unum argumentum functions within a broader Augustinian tradition of mystical ascent and contemplation, as its form as a prayer suggests.
He just plunges ahead and makes the argumentum ad Hitlerum when he compares Hillary Clinton's economic planning to the policies of Hitler and the Nazi Minister of Labor Robert Ley.
27) Anselm's unum argumentum has the formula: "aliquid quo nihil maius cogitan possit", or, better, "id quo maius cogitari nequit" (Monologion,
In general, it can be maintained that the adequacy and the argumentum of other types of reasoning and evidences depend upon the amount of confidence and trust which a judge obtains in a lawsuit.
THE fabulae argumentum of The Dutch Courtesan declares that the "difference betwixt the love of a courtesan and a wife" is the scope of the drama, but Marston's plotlines devoted to the courtesan Franceschina and the vintner Mulligrub complicate this simple formulation, along with the play's related epigraph, "Turpe est difficiles habere nugas.
Our continued insistence on, and application of, techniques designed to detect, mark, and avoid traditional chemical contamination has caused the Chemical Corps to fall victim to the common fallacy of argumentum ad antiquitam, or "appeal to tradition.
Motzki's main criticism of Juynboll's methods is the latter's core reliance on an argumentum e silentio.
Argumentum against Drug Legalization, A Discussion Aid, A Contribution in Support of the Swiss Peoples Referendum for a Youth Without Drugs: 20.
1) Dieses System legt die Beziehung der Erzahlung zur Wirklichkeit zugrunde und unterscheidet demnach 1) fabula / [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] als eine Erzahlung unwahrer und unwahrscheinlicher Ereignisse von 2) argumentum / [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] als eine Erzahlung erfundener, aber wahrscheinlicher Ereignisse und 3) historia / [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] als eine Erzahlung wahrer Ereignisse.
Weill also resorted to fallacious reasoning (specifically, argumentum ad baculum) by suggesting that Ellis and Ames's (1987) prediction that "attempts to alter sexual orientation after birth should be minimally effective" has been confirmed merely because it is "generally accepted and supported by both the American Psychiatric Association .

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