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n. pl. a·ri·a·ries
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[Malagasy, from Arabic al-riyāl : al-, the + riyāl, silver coin, any of various units of currency used in the Middle East (from Spanish real, real; see real2).]


the standard unit of currency of Madagascar
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A micro-credit scheme called Credimadio lends 14,000 ariary (around $6) with favourable repayment terms in three instalments.
In 2010, SAMIFIN identified ariary 316,704 billion (approximately $158 million) of suspicious transactions in the construction, logging and mining sectors.
Out/of/pocket costs for caesarean sections and neonatal care at CME/CHUM * Caesarean sections (n=103) Mean costs Madagascan % of Range Ariary US$ total (US$) Drugs, medical supplies 155,236 86 62.