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 (ä′rē-ĕt′ə) also a·ri·ette (-ĕt′)
A short aria.

[Italian, diminutive of aria, aria; see aria.]


(ˌærɪˈɛtə; Italian ariˈetta) or


n, pl -ettas, -ette (-ˈette) or -ettes
(Classical Music) a short relatively uncomplicated aria
[C18: from Italian, diminutive of aria]


(ˌær iˈɛt ə, ˌɑr-)

n., pl. -et•tas, -et•te (-ˈɛt i)
a short aria.
[1735–45; < Italian, =ari(a) aria + -etta -ette]
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Noun1.arietta - a short ariaarietta - a short aria        
aria - an elaborate song for solo voice
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Arriving just in time to fend off would-be abductors, Bolt is smitten by the enchanting Ariette Ekhard who is the unwilling fiance of his boss.
Hector Gerardo Espino Baranda, Jose Luis Kuri Krasovski, David Napoles Galindo, Oscar Gustavo Perez Villegas, Norma Veronica Flores Sanchez, Fredler Hermenegildo Flores, Rodolfo Atlizqueno Mora, Alejandra Flores Sanchez, Maria del Carmen Garcia Reyes, Arturo Torres Rico, Claudia Ariette Morales Martinez, Pablo Flores Garcia, Ruth Chacon Granados y Francisco Pedro Flores Garcia.
Bridesmaids included Amy Wilson McCarley, Carol Anne Clark, Anna Claire Spradling, Julie Marie Rallo, Alyssa Sowell Mabry, and Ariette Brauleen Smith.
Publisher: Ariette Sambs (
Meanwhile, the Phoenix Ladies Syndicate, who are fast creating a name for themselves as a successful team of owners, will be hoping to pick up their third winner of the season with Ariette Du Rue, who faces nine fellow juveniles in the Inside Out, fillies' maiden.
La partitura (43), se da un lato ossequiava Metastasio nell'uso delle ariette, dall'altro offriva qualcosa di nuovo nella minuziosa scrittura strumentale ricca di contrasti e nell'inserimento di molti recitativi accompagnati, cori e balletti che di fatto awicinavano l'opera al modello della tragedie lyrique francese.
In many ways the Gounod operas created at this theater are inextricably linked to Carvalho and his more famous wife, Caroline Carvalho--superstar coloratura soprano, and one of the most important creatrices of the nineteenth century--a figure who held such sway that she was sometimes called the Theatre-Lyrique's "directrice." (Gounod wrote Marguerite in Faust with her in mind, as well as the title roles in Mireille and Romeo et Juliette, and composed waltz ariette showpieces for these roles at her request.)
In the "elogio" of Pergolesi, Sigismondo does not fail to, like in various other moments in Apoteosi, express his disapproval of his teacher Francesco Durante, a renowned counterpoint master but melodically lacking--"his ariette resulted lifeless, the modulations or melodies unsavory and lacking in character", ("l'accompagnamento di semplici consonanze e quasi semprepedantesco"), questioning Rousseau's inclusion of him amongst the greats.
Par la suite, il rend visite regulierement a une vieille dame seule, Ariette, amie de sa grand-mere et du meme age, qui le nourrit et lui donne un peu d'argent pour acheter des cigarettes.
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Lawrence (46/46), Wales (44/48), Susan Scott (47/45) and Ariette Paul (47/45).
Montale, 1980: 998), an echo of a short aria by Ippolito Pindemonte set to music by Vincenzo Bellini ('Malinconia, ninfa gentile', in Sei Ariette, numero 1).