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n. pl. a·ris·tae (-tē) or a·ris·tas
A bristlelike part or appendage, such as the awn of grains and grasses or the process near the tip of the antenna of certain flies.

[Latin, beard of grain, spike.]

a·ris′tate (-tāt) adj.
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Attenuate portion of the involucral bracts 20-35 mm long, 2-3.5 times longer than the expanded broader basal portion; lower surface of the leaf blade densely and minutely papillate; bracteoles aristate ...
Chris Hughes had given the visitors a second-minute lead before Aristate Geurin-Lokonga and Gavin Barton sent the Wearsiders in at the interval marginally ahead.
The Diptera are divided into three suborders: Nematocera (small, delicate insects with long, multisegmented antennae), Brachycera (compact, robust flies with short, stylate (pointed) antennae), and Cyclorrhapha (compact, robust flies with short, aristate (flagellum-like) antennae).