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n. pl. ar·i·ties
The number of arguments or operands taken by a function or operator.

[-ar(y) (as in binary ternary) + -ity.]
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Noun1.arity - the number of arguments that a function can take
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
number - a concept of quantity involving zero and units; "every number has a unique position in the sequence"
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Each type constructor t has an associated kind constructor t of the same arity; a kind expression t([[Rho].sub.1], ..., [[Rho].sub.n]) denotes the set of types with outermost type constructor t applied to types [[Tau].sub.1] [element of] [[Rho].sub.1], ..., [[Tau].sub.n] [element of] [[Rho].sub.n].
NODE *unambig_reuse_check (int prod, NODE *kids[]) { if (arity of prod == 0) return make_new_node(prod); NODE *old_parent = kids [0]-->parent (previous_version); if (old_parent-->type != prod) return make_new_node (prod); for (int i = 0; i < arity of prod; i++) if (node-->is_new(kids[i])) return make_new_node(prod); else if (old_parent != kids[i]-->parent (previous_version)) return make_new_node(prod); return old_parent; } Ambiguous bottom-up reuse can be computed in a similar manner by relaxing the reuse condition (Figure 16).
A type for a predicate p of arity n is an n-tuple of types.
The triple (n, k, m) is called the arity of the instantiation list.
While simple, the analysis developed around this core language can be extended to all of Scheme or ML, including the general letrec form, multiple return values, variable arity procedures, and programs with free variables.
These declarations ensure that all queries to the predicate [p.sub.i] of arity [n.sub.i] will be executed using SLG.
The Wali of White Nile State commended the relations between the Sudanese and Qatari people, adding that this convoy affirms spirit of cooperation, sold arity and fraternity between the two countries.
Arity revenue was $25 million, primarily from contracts with affiliates while InfoArmor (acquired in 2018) had revenues of $23 million and an adjusted net loss of $6 million in the quarter related to growth and integration investments.
arity The epic challenge is based on a book called France En Velo, written by cyclists to chart the coast-to-coast route from the English Channel to the Mediterranean.
US-based Arity, a provider of mobility data and analytics solutions, has said that it has collaborated with Y-Risk.
Arity, a provider of mobility data and analytics solutions, has collaborated with Y-Risk, a brand of The Hartford specialising in providing insurance solutions to the sharing and on-demand economy.