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A usually pinkish or red sandstone consisting primarily of quartz and feldspar and forming from the cementation of particles generated by the rapid erosion of granite.

[French, perhaps from alteration of Greek arkhaios, ancient.]


(Geological Science) a sandstone consisting of grains of feldspar and quartz cemented by a mixture of quartz and clay minerals
[C19: from French]
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Arkose Brewery in Palmer offers free brewery tours every Tuesday at 6 p.
Here, homes and shops are finished in their original volcanic rock and arkose, meaning a vivid step back in time for visitors.
The only possible tetrapod skeletal remains from the Honeycomb Point Formation are apparently unidentifiable fragments of bone that Baird recorded from the north side of Quaco Head in conglomerate and arkose in 1959 (Baird MS, p.
Arkose is bidding to win this and I think he has a good chance of landing it in the qualifier for the Pertemps Network Handicap Hurdle.
Lithotypes within the lower and upper volcanic assemblages are similar, except for the presence in the lower assemblage of basal conglomerate and arkose (Lynch 1991).
Mineralisation at Area 5 North is associated with narrow quartz veins within an arkose host and significantly, xenotime also occurs finely disseminated within the host arkose unit.
So I'm hopeful of a good run, although Oliver Sherwood's ARKOSE looks the one to beat.