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Noun1.arm band - a band worn around the arm for decorationarm band - a band worn around the arm for decoration
band - a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs (especially to decorate the body)
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With many of the young girls also wearing black, it would seem to me that perhaps at least wearing a reflective arm band would be wise, or even to have a bag with reflective strips on it.
Summary: Mumbai [India], Aug 25 (ANI): Even as all eyes were on Indian football team captain Sandesh Jhingan on the dais to lift the Tri-nation Football series, Jhingan preferred to walk all the way to the corner, pull out his arm band and wrapped it on Subrata Paul's arm.
I SUGGEST that all the Sky Blues fans making the trip to Crawley for the final game of the season, should wear a black arm band and that after another loss, observe two minutes of silence on the death of Coventry City Football Club.
The kick off activity is the wearing of black arm band during our flag ceremony and a candle vigil at 5 in the afternoon in front of our main building, Bldg.
She and guitarist Martin Hoyland travelled over to Australia to spend a month with members of The Black Arm Band, a collective of indigenous singers and musicians.
In July 2009, The Black Arm Band appeared at WOMAD in Wiltshire.
Right-back Kris O'Leary took over both Smith's slot and the captain's arm band.
In the case of the arm band, the newspaper told a circulation district manager that he must remove a green arm band that he sported in support of the guild.
Their obsession with assigning badges to everyone else results in their being branded with the most heinous arm band of all, the swastika.
Tenders are invited for Accident Arm Band Set Of 10 Bands Size 10 X 6 Made From Orange Cotton Cloths Writes Text Written Accident Relief Brc
Snap up a Nike women's diamond arm band and bring your iPhone 5 tunes for PS25 from www.
The 32-year-old model had earlier posted an image of herself on Facebook wearing a swastika arm band, Nazi uniform hat and silver stripper getup while standing in front of Auschwitz concentration camp, the New York Daily News reported.