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Noun1.arm pad - a pad worn by football players and hockey goalkeepersarm pad - a pad worn by football players and hockey goalkeepers
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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Beneath the arm pad there is a plastic side panel, which is there to keep clothing away from the wheels.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Installation of Wagon Tippler side beam wear pad and clamp arm pad with fasteners for CHP at 2X600 MW, SSTPP, MPPGCL,Dongalia, Distt: Khandwa M.
I thought the pad only needed to go over the length of the plate when I actually needed a full arm pad.
In particular, it might well be true that the arm pad helps give him better swing mechanics.
One is a wheel castor system for wheelchairs to improve stability and the other is a high visibility arm pad to increase awareness.
Now, move it out to the side and place it on the arm pad.
adjustable arm pad, gas lift for height adjustable,
And so, now you can ride it, with head guard and arm pads, inside a higher tech version of the old helterskelter sack.
This is more than double the size of the standard arm pads, which measure 2.
Beckett offers a high headrest that is reminiscent of auto seat designs, along with sleek arm pads and welt trim accents.
This week, we are giving away to one lucky winner a gorgeous blue four-seater sofa with two arm pads and two patterned accent scatter cushions to brighten up their home.