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arm wrestling

or arm-wres·tling (ärm′rĕs′lĭng)
A form of wrestling in which two opponents sit facing each other with usually right hands interlocked and elbows firmly planted, as on a table surface, and attempt to force each other's arm down. Also called Indian wrestling.

arm′-wres′tle v.
arm′-wres′tler n.


[ˈɑːmˌreslɪŋ] Npulso m, pulseada f (S. Cone)
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Because when you have success you can get complacent and stop doing the little things that allow you to win these arm-wrestles."
"Just as in the Australia game in November it showed we can win an arm-wrestle, we can hang in there, we can find a way to win and that's an important habit to have," he said.
GRIPPING STUFF: Nathan Buckley, 11, arm-wrestles with ex-boxer Mike Tyson yesterday' FACE-OFF: Mike & Jimmy Magee' CHAMPS: Steve Collins and Mike