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1. A bearer of armor for a knight; a squire.
2. A person entitled to bear heraldic arms.

[Medieval Latin, from Latin, arms-bearing : arma, arms; see arm2 + gerere, to carry.]

ar·mig′er·al (-mĭj′ər-əl), ar·mig′er·ous (-əs) adj.
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1. (Heraldry) a person entitled to bear heraldic arms, such as a sovereign or nobleman
2. (Historical Terms) a squire carrying the armour of a medieval knight
3. (Military) a squire carrying the armour of a medieval knight
[C16: from Medieval Latin: squire, from Latin: armour-bearer, from arma arms + gerere to carry, bear]
armigerous adj
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(ˈɑr mɪ dʒər)

1. a person entitled to armorial bearings.
[1755–65; < Medieval Latin: squire, Latin: armor-bearer (n.), <arma arm2 + -ger, derivative of gerere to carry, wear]
ar•mig′er•al, adj.
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Noun1.armiger - a squire carrying the armor of a knightarmiger - a squire carrying the armor of a knight
squire - young nobleman attendant on a knight
2.armiger - a nobleman entitled to bear heraldic armsarmiger - a nobleman entitled to bear heraldic arms
noble, nobleman, Lord - a titled peer of the realm
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