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The amount that can be carried in one arm or both arms: an armload of laundry.


another term for armful



n., pl. -fuls.
the amount one or both arms can hold.
usage: See -ful.


[ˈɑːrmləʊd] n (= armful) → brassée f
He was carrying an armload of books
BUT Il avait des livres plein les bras.
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The Handmaid's Tale" is a landmark program for relatively new Hulu, drawing critical acclaim, an armload of 2017 Emmys and, earlier this month, a best series Golden Globe and best-actress trophy for Moss.
Shoppers buying an armload of duct tape from Weaver's Ace Hardware might be trying to fix something around the house, but it's just as likely that they're getting ready to enter the store's popular duct tape art contest, Melissa Achenbach, marketing manager for Weaver's, recently helped organize the store's second duct tape art contest, and says it has generated a lot of excitement among customers.
Cosmos" arrives already boasting an armload of festival and industry prizes, including honors from Annecy, Aspen Shortsfest and the Tokyo Anime Awards.
In fact, I recall many spring evenings walking out to the pasture after work to see Karen surrounded by wagging little lamb tails and an armload of bottles.
where you used to swim with an armload of bricks, where no slow tug of a
It would be very easy for me to walk out with an armload of essentials.
Seven decades later 1 the torpedo catches up to you, ripping through your heart, and you sink into a moonless sea like the six thousand tons of the San Jacinto, Ramon Castillo and his shovel full of coal, Antonio Cortez and his armload of plates.
When he carried the armload of wood into the woman's kitchen, a servant girl recognized him and rushed to her mistress to tell her of his identity.
Made from tough, ballistic grade nylon, the Campfire Carrier can transport an armload worth of wood in one hand, allowing the outdoorsman to carry other equipment or another load of wood in the other hand.
Then Assistant Provost Marshal Gerald Bear, commander of the base military police, arrived to question him, bringing an armload of hostility.
When each man had an armload of stalks, the horse was stopped and the men stepped off the cutter and carried the stalks to the "gallus" or "saddle" that had been made earlier by tying the tops of the stalks in four hills of corn together to form the basis of the shock (see lower right section of illustration on opposite page).
I spent Tuesday carrying in armload after armload of wood, until the floor beneath the big picture window in the living room was stacked sill-high from one end to the other with wood of all sizes.