armored dinosaur

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Noun1.armored dinosaur - dinosaurs having bony armourarmored dinosaur - dinosaurs having bony armour  
ornithischian, ornithischian dinosaur - herbivorous dinosaur with a pelvis like that of a bird
suborder Thyreophora, Thyreophora, thyreophoran - armored dinosaurs: stegosaurs and ankylosaurs
stegosaur, Stegosaur stenops, stegosaurus - herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur with a row of bony plates along its back and a spiked tail probably used as a weapon
ankylosaur, ankylosaurus - having the back covered with thick bony plates; thought to have walked with a sprawling gait resembling a lizard's
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TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers named a new genus and species of armored dinosaur.
The analysis and conclusions of the research were made possible by the well-preserved state of the fossil, with researchers calling it "the best-preserved armored dinosaur ever found, and one of the best dinosaur specimens in the world.
And the bones of an armored dinosaur called Scelidosaurus were discovered washing out of the cliffs near Charmouth in the 1850s.
Then there's a tarchia skull from this rare armored dinosaur.
Amateur dinosaur tracker Ray Stanford in 1997 discovered the fossil of an armored dinosaur hatchling in a creek bed following a large flood.
For more than a century, paleontologists have argued about the proper arrangement of the bony plates that stuck out of the back of the stegosaurus, the large, armored dinosaur that roamed the earth 150 million years ago.
Armored dinosaurs mainly used their tails for defense, so that would probably be a lot of good white meat.
provides amateur and professional dinosaur enthusiasts with profiles of 500 species organized into sections covering the life forms that preceded the dinosaurs, the first dinosaurs, small meat-eaters, great predators, ostrich dinosaurs, the giants, bird-foot dinosaurs, the duckbills, boneheads, armored dinosaurs, plated dinosaurs, horned dinosaurs, other creatures of the dinosaur age, and the birds and mammals that came after the dinosaurs.