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n. pl. ar·mor·ies
a. A storehouse for arms; an arsenal.
b. A building for storing arms and military equipment, especially one serving as headquarters for military reserve personnel.
2. An arms factory.
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n, pl -mories
1. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) the US spelling of armoury
2. (Military) the US spelling of armoury
3. the US spelling of armoury
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(ˈɑr mə ri)

n., pl. -mor•ies.
1. a storage place for weapons and other war equipment.
2. a building that is the headquarters and drill center of a National Guard unit.
3. an armorer's shop or other place where arms and armor are made.
4. the art of blazoning heraldic arms.
5. heraldry.
6. arms or armor collectively.
7. Archaic. heraldic bearings or arms.
[1300–50; < Middle French armoierie]
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Noun1.armory - a collection of resourcesarmory - a collection of resources; "he dipped into his intellectual armory to find an answer"
resourcefulness, imagination, resource - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource"
2.armory - all the weapons and equipment that a country hasarmory - all the weapons and equipment that a country has
armament - weaponry used by military or naval force
3.armory - a military structure where arms and ammunition and other military equipment are stored and training is given in the use of armsarmory - a military structure where arms and ammunition and other military equipment are stored and training is given in the use of arms
military installation - any facility servicing military forces
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
4.armory - a place where arms are manufacturedarmory - a place where arms are manufactured
foundry, metalworks - factory where metal castings are produced
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Missouri armories; the Guard's home in architecture and history.
It's 81 years old, it's one of only 10 original armories in the state, and oldtimers here have fond memories of its former status as a hub of community activity, from high school dances to roller skating.
Since all armories are different, the solution has numerous security features and levels that range from static weapons monitoring to full RTLS with CCTV.
Bill Wofford, the state's adjutant general, said the guard may close six armories in rural areas, including three in southern Arkansas, but no decisions have been made.
Oklahoma DEP uses the program to evaluate and remediate environmental hazards at surplus National Guard armories.
Whitford said small, local armories no longer fit the "operational tempo and training needs of the Connecticut National Guard today to respond to federal and state emergencies.
"In addition to serving as an economic catalyst for the surrounding community, the redeveloped Kingsbridge Armory will serve as a model for the adaptive re-use of historic buildings, especially armories, throughout the country.
Israel Television Channel Two Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari reported that according to a senior Israeli security official, the Palestinian Authority has opened its armories in Gaza to distribute weapons to the various illegal Palestinian militias - Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigade etc.
Two teams will challenge the Royal Armories' own team in a spectacular joust where the sword of honour and the badge of the golden swan (taken from the Middle Ages) will be the trophies for the encounter.