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Noun1.arms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of wararms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of war
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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Latvia to conclude its presidency of the Arms Trade Treaty at the annual week-long plenary meeting of the Arms Trade Treaty in Geneva, Switzerland
The scope of the UN Arms Trade Treaty covers enhancing the regulation of the international trade of conventional arms, maintain international standards, and to control illegal arms trade.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The European Union warned Saturday that US President Donald Trump's rejection of a UN treaty designed to regulate the global arms trade would hamper the global fight against illicit weapons trafficking.
Trump said Friday the United States would not abide by the 2013 treaty aimed at regulating the global arms trade, calling it "misguided" and an encroachment on US sovereignty.
back from an international agreement on the arms trade, telling the National Rifle Association the treaty is "badly misguided."
BRUSSELS, April 27 (KUNA) -- The European Union criticized the announcement by the US on Friday of its intention to revoke its status as a signatory of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which regulates trade in conventional weapons, including small arms, battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships.
'The culture of impunity, we need to erase that in our society,' he said Thursday, 6 December at a stakeholder meeting at Bella Casa under the auspices of Liberia International Humanitarian Law Committee (LIHLC) on the domestications of the Geneva, Kampala Conventions and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).
The small arms trade is worth an estimated US $85bn per year.
The money will be split between two organisations - Campaign Against Arms Trade, and Reprieve, which fights for human rights.
The money raised will be split between two organisations: Campaign Against Arms Trade, which seeks to abolish the international arms trade, and Reprieve, which fights for human rights.
The Campaign Against the Arms Trade claimed the weapons broke international law and Saudis used them in their war on Yemen.