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tr.v. a·ro·ma·tized, a·ro·ma·tiz·ing, a·ro·ma·tiz·es
1. To make aromatic or fragrant: swirled the wine to aromatize it.
2. Chemistry To subject to a reaction that converts a substance into an aromatic compound.

a·ro′ma·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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24] proposed that the transition metal Co ion could also act as the activation center to accelerate the breakdown of chemical bonds in oil shale organic matter, and the Co ion could increase the selectivity of aromatic hydrocarbons and promote olefin aromatization.
This hydroxyl radicals will oxidize the MGO dye and its leuco form was observed by first doing ring aromatization which was followed by stabilization of the ion, which ultimately causes the degradation of the product [50, 51].
Aromatase can also synthesize estradiol using testosterone as the precursor For this test, elevated levels of androstenedione typically suggest increased aromatization and should be followed-up with a screen for levels of carcinogenic estrogen metabolites.
Indeed, testosterone-induced regulation of male sexual behavior involves both activation of the AR and stimulation of ERa following neural aromatization of testosterone into estradiol (Naule et al.
com)-- ACEX's customer is an aroma marketing company that is an expert in selection and development of aromas for businesses; it is also engaged in sales and service maintenance of professional equipment for aromatization of buildings.
When the heat treatment temperature was (700 [+ or -] 5) [degrees]C, the biochar yield reduced more than at conditions of slow pyrolysis due to increase of aromatization of biochar.
The increased LH successively promotes theca cell androgens production, while the relative FSH deficiency interferes with granulosa cell aromatization to estrogens and impairs follicle maturation and ovulation (7).
7) The causes may be peripheral aromatization of androgens and expression and up-regulation of androgen receptors within the endometrial stroma and myometrial cells.
The role of aromatization in the restoration of male rat reproductive behavior.
Can alcohol promote aromatization of androgens to estrogens?
1997; Rogol, 2010), particularly estrogen, which in the male is primarily derived from T via aromatization (Metzger and Kerrigan, 1994; Veldhuis et al.