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tr.v. a·roused, a·rous·ing, a·rous·es
a. To cause (someone) to be active, attentive, or excited: The report aroused them to take action. The insult aroused him to anger.
b. To stimulate sexual desire in.
2. To give rise to (a feeling, for example); stir up: The odd sight aroused our curiosity. See Synonyms at provoke.
3. To awaken (someone) from sleep.

[From rouse, on the model of such pairs as rise, arise.]

a·rous′al n.


(Physiology) in a state of sexual arousal
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Adj.1.aroused - aroused to actionaroused - aroused to action; "the aroused opposition"
awakened - aroused or activated; "an awakened interest in ballet"
2.aroused - emotionally arousedaroused - emotionally aroused      
excited - in an aroused state
3.aroused - brought to a state of great tensionaroused - brought to a state of great tension; "all wound up for a fight"
tense - in or of a state of physical or nervous tension
4.aroused - feeling great sexual desirearoused - feeling great sexual desire; "feeling horny"
sexy - marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes"
5.aroused - keenly excited (especially sexually) or indicating excitementaroused - keenly excited (especially sexually) or indicating excitement; "his face all ablaze with excitement"- Bram Stoker; "he was aflame with desire"
passionate - having or expressing strong emotions
6.aroused - (of persons) excessively affected by emotion; "he would become emotional over nothing at all"; "she was worked up about all the noise"
agitated - troubled emotionally and usually deeply; "agitated parents"


[əˈraʊzd] adj (sexually)excité(e)
References in classic literature ?
We call this an "ekphoric influence," and stimuli having this character are called "ekphoric stimuli." In such a case we call the engrams of the two stimuli "associated." All simultaneously generated engrams are associated; there is also association of successively aroused engrams, though this is reducible to simultaneous association.
The jailer opened the door, with terrible imprecations against the prisoner who disturbed him at an hour which Master Gryphus was not accustomed to be aroused.
And pity in her womanly heart did not arouse at all that feeling of horror and loathing that it aroused in her husband, but a desire to act, to find out all the details of his state, and to remedy them.
It was this, perhaps, that aroused old hunting memories in Wolf.
That bill, she said, should have aroused her suspicions at once--but did not.
But the very passions themselves were aroused within her soul, swaying it, lashing it, as the waves daily beat upon her splendid body.
Aramis easily aroused Athos, whose sleep was light, like that of all persons of a finely organized constitution.
The least noise aroused his suspicions, and he questioned even the slightest rustling of the leaves.
He feebly moved his leg and uttered a weak, sickly groan which aroused his own pity.
The coming of Tarzan had aroused within La's breast the wild hope that at last the fulfillment of this ancient prophecy was at hand; but more strongly still had it aroused the hot fires of love in a heart that never otherwise would have known the meaning of that all-consuming passion, for such a wondrous creature as La could never have felt love for any of the repulsive priests of Opar.
His wife and his mother (who lives with him) had expressly desired that he would make those inquiries; their doubts having been aroused by Norah's evasive answers when they questioned her about her sister.
My coming had not aroused her, and so I stole nearer to her on tiptoe.