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tr.v. a·roused, a·rous·ing, a·rous·es
a. To cause (someone) to be active, attentive, or excited: The report aroused them to take action. The insult aroused him to anger.
b. To stimulate sexual desire in.
2. To give rise to (a feeling, for example); stir up: The odd sight aroused our curiosity. See Synonyms at provoke.
3. To awaken (someone) from sleep.

[From rouse, on the model of such pairs as rise, arise.]

a·rous′al n.


(Physiology) causing sexual excitement


[əˈraʊzɪŋ] adj (sexually)excitant(e)
References in classic literature ?
In an instant the whole camp was in motion; the meanest soldier arousing from his lair to witness the departure of his comrades, and to share in the excitement and incidents of the hour.
There was only one thing that was capable of arousing her, and that provocation came in on the side of her unusually gentle and sympathetic nature;--anything in the shape of cruelty would throw her into a passion, which was the more alarming and inexplicable in proportion to the general softness of her nature.
I sat up in bed by way of arousing this said brain: it was a chilly night; I covered my shoulders with a shawl, and then I proceeded TO THINK again with all my might.
I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long and in all places am always fastening upon you, arousing and persuading and reproaching you.
Whatever the cause, however, the fact remains that on many occasions the boy passed within a few paces of some great lion without arousing more than a warning growl.
Then, arousing from his revery, -- "Now, sir, I have one request to make to you, which you will understand, even if it should be disagreeable to you.
But only one thing was capable of arousing her: a letter from her son.
Thus repulsed, in a manner which only served, by arousing the most dreadful forebodings, to excite me to renewed attempts, I conjured him to intercede for me with the natives, and endeavour to procure their consent to my leaving them.
This had probably been done with the view of arousing me from sleep.
Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream.
God knows, she may not have been a beautiful woman, yet I loved to see her come to a halt like this, and was therefore, the more fond of arousing her temper.
Jogging along, the traveler took notes, studied the country, which he traversed reserved and silent, ever seeking the most plausible pretext for reaching Belle-Isle-en-Mer, and for seeing everything without arousing suspicion.