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tr.v. ar·peg·gi·at·ed, ar·peg·gi·at·ing, ar·peg·gi·ates
1. To play or sing (a chord) in arpeggio.
2. To represent (the tones of a chord) as separate notes, as on a staff.

ar·peg′gi·a′tor n.


vb (tr)
to play an arpeggioto represent (a chord) as separate notes on a score
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This edition has been revised to incorporate new chapters on hardware controllers and rhythm-based synthesis, including arpeggiators and step sequencers, and expanded coverage of new technology in physical modeling and granular and additive synthesis, as well as new illustrations and online videos, which replace the CD.
Four independent and programmable arpeggiators allow the PX-5S to expand into sonic territory by creating an array of animated textures.
Saturday's event at Luckey's "welcomes everyone with a soft spot for oscillators and a fondness for arpeggiators," a news release says, adding it is sure to be a night of "analog magic."