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This loss, however great, he bore like a man of sense and constancy, though it must be confest he would often talk a little whimsically on this head; for he sometimes said he looked on himself as still married, and considered his wife as only gone a little before him, a journey which he should most certainly, sooner or later, take after her; and that he had not the least doubt of meeting her again in a place where he should never part with her more--sentiments for which his sense was arraigned by one part of his neighbours, his religion by a second, and his sincerity by a third.
Gabriel had played his trump; and those of us who could not follow suit were arraigned for examination.
Near at hand was a group of very prosperous-looking spirits arraigned for judgment.
instead of challenging her own irregularity I found myself arraigned and explaining.
Thus she escaped not only punishment, but even the pain of being arraigned before a court for her horrid crime.
Peace," said Don Quixote; "where hast thou ever seen or heard that a knight-errant has been arraigned before a court of justice, however many homicides he may have committed?
The convention, in short, would be composed chiefly of men who had been, who actually were, or who expected to be, members of the department whose conduct was arraigned.
Charles Evremonde, called Darnay," was at length arraigned.
The sailor of that day would go near to be arraigned as a pirate in our own.
This argument capped all the others, and, in order so much the more effectually to destroy the germ of conspiracy, sentence of death was unanimously pronounced against Cornelius van Baerle, as being arraigned, and convicted, for having, under the innocent appearance of a tulip-fancier, participated in the detestable intrigues and abominable plots of the brothers De Witt against Dutch nationality and in their secret relations with their French enemy.
The prisoner was duly arraigned, and his plea again demanded.
Morse bitterly arraigned the English philosopher's agnosticism, but confessed that he had not read "First Principles"; while Mr.