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v. ar·ranged, ar·rang·ing, ar·rang·es
1. To put into a specific order or relation; dispose: arrange shoes in a neat row.
2. To plan or prepare for: arrange a picnic.
3. To bring about or come to an agreement concerning; settle: Have the bride and groom arranged the date of the wedding?
4. Music To adapt or rework (a composition) for other instruments or voices or as another style of performance.
1. To come to an agreement: arrange with a friend for a ride to work.
2. To cause something to happen or make plans for something to happen: arrange for a big wedding.

[Middle English arengen, from Old French arengier : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + rengier, to put in a line (from reng, rank (of warriors), line, of Germanic origin; see sker- in Indo-European roots).]

ar·rang′er n.
Synonyms: arrange, marshal, order, organize, sort, systematize
These verbs mean to distribute or dispose persons or things properly or methodically: arranged the students alphabetically by last name; marshaled all relevant facts for the presentation; ordered my chaotic life; organized her desk; sorted the sweaters by color; systematized his coin collection by country and date.
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Adj.1.arranged - disposed or placed in a particular kind of orderarranged - disposed or placed in a particular kind of order; "the carefully arranged chessmen"; "haphazardly arranged interlobular septa"; "comfortable chairs arranged around the fireplace"
disarranged - having the arrangement disturbed; not in order; "her disarranged hair"
2.arranged - planned in advancearranged - planned in advance; "an arranged marriage"
organized - formed into a structured or coherent whole
3.arranged - deliberately arranged for effectarranged - deliberately arranged for effect; "one of those artfully staged photographs"
artificial, unreal - contrived by art rather than nature; "artificial flowers"; "artificial flavoring"; "an artificial diamond"; "artificial fibers"; "artificial sweeteners"


[əˈreɪndʒd] ADJ [marriage] → concertado (por los padres)
References in classic literature ?
Meg arranged the tea table, Jo brought wood and set chairs, dropping, over-turning, and clattering everything she touched.
Getting out of bed, she arranged a blanket so that in the darkness it looked like a form lying between the sheets and, kneeling beside the bed, she caressed it, whispering words over and over, like a refrain.
Soon after that, as I was saying, I arranged to come on to Shopton.
One afternoon in the week before Christmas, I came upon Lena and her funny, square-headed little brother Chris, standing before the drugstore, gazing in at the wax dolls and blocks and Noah's Arks arranged in the frosty show window.
The ice-cream was passed around with cake--gold and silver cake arranged on platters in alternate slices; it had been made and frozen during the afternoon back of the kitchen by two black women, under the supervision of Victor.
Within this fragile barrier he arranged the blankets abandoned by the foresters, darkening the inner extremity of the cavern, while its outer received a chastened light from the narrow ravine, through which one arm of the river rushed to form the junction with its sister branch a few rods below.
I know a little of the principle of design, and I know this thing was not arranged on any laws of radiation, or alternation, or repetition, or symmetry, or anything else that I ever heard of.
Neither Christie nor Jessie could for a moment understand the delicacy which kept these young men from accompanying them into the room they had but a few moments before decorated and arranged with their own hands, and it was not until they turned to thank their strange entertainers that they found that they were gone.
At the first glimpse they beheld nothing extraordinary: a handsomely furnished room, of moderate size, somewhat darkened by curtains; books arranged on shelves; a large map on the wall, and likewise a portrait of Colonel Pyncheon, beneath which sat the original Colonel himself, in an oaken elbow-chair, with a pen in his hand.
On the other side of the house, old Roger Chillingworth arranged his study and laboratory: not such as a modern man of science would reckon even tolerably complete, but provided with a distilling apparatus and the means of compounding drugs and chemicals, which the practised alchemist knew well how to turn to purpose.
It had been agreed between us downstairs that after this first occasion I should have her as a matter of course at night, her small white bed being already arranged, to that end, in my room.
Any how, it's all fixed and arranged a'ready; and some sailors or other must go with him, I suppose; as well these as any other men, God pity 'em