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1. The act or process of arranging in an orderly or imposing manner.
2. Something so arranged; an array.


(əˈreɪ əl)

1. an act of arraying.
2. something that is arrayed.
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While observing combined platoon attacks, platoon leaders made changes to the original plan due to changes in enemy force arrayal.
Ethnicity was not the sole marker of distinction in the arrayal of bodies.
(16) "[...] e foy prezo delRey D.Fernando de Liao, como fe aho diante diraa onde elles tiveram feu arrayal de ante fentado, no qual acharao prezas grandes, e ouro, e prata, e muitas joyas, e cavallos, e outras coufas, has quaes repartio por efes Grandes."--Galvao, 1435.