arrival gate

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Noun1.arrival gate - gate where passengers disembarkarrival gate - gate where passengers disembark  
gate - passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark
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We've all had that moment at the arrival gate when we scan the crowd for that special person.
San Francisco airport officials said a 17-year-old boy was detained by crew members Tuesday after he opened an emergency gate of a Copa Airlines flight waiting to taxi to its arrival gate and jumped onto the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport.
Pedro Surquiano of the Lanting Security Specialist Agency was manning his post at the arrival gate around 7 p.
The bag had been left in one of the bathrooms near the arrival gate at the airport, a source told The Daily Star.
So, we think the contract workers disconnected the scissors on this airplane when they moved it overnight from the arrival gate to the one we used to board.
Qatar Airways chief commercial officer Dr Hugh Dunleavy, who travelled on board the inaugural flight with Armenia's ambassador to Qatar Gegham Gharibjanian, was greeted at the arrival gate by Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport deputy general manager Andranik Shkhyan.
On a lightning visit to Muscat last week, to shoot for an upcoming Malayalam film -- Naval Enna Jewel -- Adil didn't expect to be recognised as he wheeled his trolley out of the arrival gate in the airport.
They were greeted at the arrival gate by Birmingham Airport's chief executive officer Paul Kehoe.
FILE - A woman wearing a face mask stands in front of an electronic board at an arrival gate of Gimpo international airport in Seoul on June 17, 2015.
A welcome ceremony was held at the arrival gate at Washington's Dulles International Airport (IAD) to mark the occasion, attended by Christopher Browne, vice-president and airport manager - Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA); Suzanne Alipourian, area manager for Americas -- Etihad Airways; Abdalla AlRaeesi, airport station manager at IAD -- Etihad Airways; Rashed Saif Al Shabi, vice-president of Mid Atlantic -- Etihad Airways; and cabin crew members from Etihad Airways.
King - who was hailed by Gers fans at the arrival gate last night - said: "I'm not surprised they haven't resigned because I have had the background with them.
Personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and similar devices without Bluetooth and WiFi reception can be used from departure gate to arrival gate.