arroz con leche

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ar·roz con le·che

 (ä-rōs′ kōn lĕ′chĕ)
A rice pudding flavored with cinnamon and sometimes raisins.

[Spanish, rice with milk : arroz, rice (from Old Spanish, from Arabic aruzz, from Greek oruza; see rice) + con, with (from Old Spanish, from Latin cum; see cum) + leche, milk (from Old Spanish, from Latin lac); see melg- in Indo-European roots.]
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Mexican desserts include Arroz con Leche, Flan Napolitano with Caramel, Manzanas Almendradas and Cinnamon Churros Chocolate Sauce.
Algunas industrias de alimentacion, como la fabricacion de arroz con leche para postre, mantienen la manufacturacion manual en la mayor parte de sus fases, pero con escasa implantacion de automatizacion de sus procesos (Tze Ying, 2008) salvando el proceso de envasado (Fig.2).
The Postre, entitled Tostada de arroz con leche y frutos rojos, consisted of a crispy tortilla covered with creamy sweet rice and berries.
The Chilean desserts ($7) include tres leches cake and arroz con leche.
The end is even fitting with Arroz con leche, a sweetish cinnamon flavoured milky rice baked to perfection.
The spread included the best Arroz Con Leche, a Spanish dessert which is made with rice cooked in milk, cinnamon, sugar and lemon.
On the dessert menu, egipcio, a date and walnut tart, is flavored with orange blossom water, and a sweet rice custard called natillas de arroz con leche comes scented with cinnamon, rose, and rosemary.